Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Valuable content is posted on our networks – Telegram, Signal, LinkedIn, Facebook – and is basically getting lost. There are lots of advantages to centralize the communication under one brand and specifically, to gain ownership of our content by posting it in our blog first, and not on social media:

  • When we post on social media, we basically work for Zukerberg, Bill Gates – social media is not really “social” – we all work for free for those few billionaires that make all the money from our work: they gain ownership of our copyrights, and resell them in the shape of advertisements and selling of our personal data
  • When we post on our blog, no one can censor us. Note: recent suggestion out there to block Telegram in Europe!
  • When we send private messages, only one person can see it.
  • We cant post on the blog and then distribute the content as links, in all those networks, so many people will be able to see it.
  • We can easily refer new comers to specific content – it is not lost in an infinite social media news-feed
  • We can make as many copies to our content as we want, and create backups
  • When we post on social media, we let them spy after us: it helps them gain more knowledge of our psychological profiling (“AI spying”).
  • And… posting on our blog is supporting the build up of our brand – from reputation point of view, SEO and other ways.

Here is the statistics since we started to measure it – just a week ago – we had total of 6,800+ visit in 7 days which ends up with about 1,000 visitors / day:

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