Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The narrative is changing every day. Truths are seeping-out into the old legacy media outlets and soon the drip-drip will turn into a deluge of confused, shocked people, searching for answers. In particular, why are the all-cause mortality levels increasing across ALL countries where injection-rates were high? Why are people still ignoring this mass genocide, particularly among our younger people?

What can we do to stop this insanity, where Governments are STILL promoting more deadly injections?

Freedom Fighting groups around the globe have joined forces to promote the ‘Step 1‘ initiative in working together to raise awareness of the risks to our humanity and changing the pathway. This is a peaceful protest, with POWER!

First things, first – let’s start paying for everything we can, in CASH.

Because You’re Worth It – James Lappeman | Mustard Seed Missions

Already there are lots of people making this change – and

Yes, it can be seen as inconvenient, and yes, it is more time-consuming – but isn’t humanity WORTH IT?

This is a simple strategy: print off some small, credit-card-sized ‘notices’ and cut them up to give out to cashiers, each time you pay in cash. This highlights the issues and provides a link to the information everyone needs (that’s being endlessly censored).

Take part today – and every day – it’s simple, internationally-relevant, easy and even if you don’t use them everytime to pay for something, if you can use it the majority of times, it WILL make a difference.


cash and some mini-flyers

By Academy World

Writer, researcher, teacher and learner. Proud to be a part of our global team of Freedom Fighters.

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