Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

There has been an exponential increase of the number of people struggling to afford accommodation, from big cities to even small towns, as the crisis of electricity and gas bills has deepened in the past few months. Nevertheless, there seems to be very little reaction or sensitivity from the general public in Anglo-American nations, especially in big cities, where people seem to be completely fine with the new kind of draconian lockdowns; the economic lockdowns. The truth is that, where there is no financial freedom in a capitalistic society, there is no freedom at all, as people will not be able to afford to have a home, to eat healthy food and to receive the necessary bodily and dental healthcare. In other words, many people are not able to have their fundamental human right to life fully protected, despite having the overlords praising their nations in relation to the promotion of fundamental human rights. What seems to be the case is that we are in a cult, where we do not realise that we are not progressing in our personal lives, as well as collectively, despite being constantly told otherwise. The level of compliance to this new lockdown is worse than the level of compliance shown to the health lockdowns, and especially in London, people are not protesting at all about the ridiculous cost of living.

The reality is that we are not winning against the overlords. Instead, the overlords are giving the opposition the false feeling of progressing in the freedom movement, and the reason they backed down with the health lockdowns was probably just to implement more subtle and perfidious measures; financial and climate-based measures, which do go hand in hand. With the exponential increase of poverty there will be an exponential increase of the incidence of world hunger, and yet, we are stuck with our eyes in our next-generation devices whilst wasting a quarter to a half of the food we purchased, when such amounts could have been given to the needy. We are ill with the Richman’s Syndrome and we are not realising this. With regards to higher education, the situation is not better; despite the fact that Universities are heavily funded by the public and by students via ridiculous tuition fees, they are actively refusing to support students in need during times as such. The main problem is not necessarily that we cannot afford essential food and accommodation anymore, but the unprecedented levels of societal indifference, which has come hand in hand with an obsessive urge to compete against other people financially and even socially. With a continuous over-competition, more than half of the population will eventually starve, and no problem will be resolved. My question is, if the Theory of Evolution is a fact, then are we becoming apes again? This seems to be the case, given that during times of unprecedented crisis, we seem to start behaving like apes more.

We should be absolutely ashamed of ourselves; all of us, and myself included the most! We are witnessing the downfall of mankind and yet, we do not seem to care at all. We should weep and not laugh and mock people in our minds, who are genuinely struggling to survive. Just as we are immunologically susceptible to polymorphic viruses not because they are strong, but because our immune systems became weaker over time, so is it with the repeated conquest of the powerful; they do not win over and over again necessarily because they are powerful, but because we do not show as much strength and light as we capable of and as we ought to. This is because the core level of the foundations of our being is not being sought enough and we tend to be superficial in our approaches, given the fact that we have been socially conditioned to embrace superficiality for centuries.

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

One thought on “We will probably wake up when the 5th Avenue becomes filled with the homeless”
  1. It is the same in every country that calls itself ‘developed’ – in New Zealand, for example, it is now commonplace to see children sleeping in cars with their parents and many families living in makeshift shelters of garages in urban areas, trying to maintain jobs on such low pay. The increasing cost of living is crippling society and the corrupt authorities know this powerful tool will play people into their hands.

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