Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Humanity was created to be in a relationship with the Divine, via mother nature and her pearls. Accumulated pride and corruption led to our separation from our father and our mother.

Everything that we see, hear and sense in reality has been manipulated due to the reach of the apogeum of human pride, which is destruction. And destruction comes from the inner and fully manifests in the outer, but on a long-term basis, allowing pride to go about its full purpose of deceiving us. We are imprisoned by the era of technologization and frequency manipulation. Namely, technologization increased our intelligence without raising our wisdom, causing us to perceive life as speedy and the natural realm as small. The high-speed trains and planes have conditioned us to think of the majestic mountains and oceans as small fragments of the Earth that can be crossed within 10 hours of waiting on a comfortable sofa in a first-class area. The frequency of music was changed from 432hz to 440hz from the middle of the 19th century, although the first frequency resonates with the Earth’s frequency of about 8hz. I say that, just because the latter frequency sounds cooler, it does not mean that it helps mankind attain to a long-term progress, just as good medicine is often not sweet and harmful sweets tend to have a perfectly balanced sweet and luscious taste. A bitter taste helps people experience future sweet tastes in more abundant ways, and a regular sweet taste removes the abundance of future sweet tastes.

I would be cautious about the kind of music that is involved though, as negative subliminal messages cannot become positive and nor can they become one with positivity. Evil can not become good or one with good. Likewise, I would recommend against listening to Hollywood and other mainstream music industry-derived songs at a frequency of 432 Hz, as negative effects on the human psychological, biological and meta-physical wellbeing could be actually amplified, especially on a long-term basis.

We are witnessing a huge global relocation of people, from the diverse areas of natural beauty, into far more restricted areas of ultra-industrialized cities, with a massive competition for survival, in the name of embracing scientific, medical and societal progress. The same individuals that had links with corrupt governments, which caused this mass relocation into the new “smart cities” are the same individuals who cry wolf and say that the Earth is overpopulated. These are the individuals preaching the false gospel of Malthusianism and Cornucopianism, and literally attempting to separate the human and his environment from the natural world. Some argue that the artificialized environment is part of the evolutionary process of life itself, but this is in my strong view a blunderous generalization of human and universal evolutionary processes. Failing to draw a line between healthy and harmful, progressive and regressive, represents a mistake that may eventually eradicate humanity, and it is the lack of discernment of the powerful, that is fueled by pride and ignorance, that reflects our mistakes, and viceversa.

How are we experience the fullness of life in an environment where we are programmed to think and behave like robots? We were born into outstanding areas of natural beauty and deep corruption was a major factor that played a role in removing our God-given natural roots as we relocated into areas of the “First World”. Everything that nature gave us for free so we could enjoy life to the fullest has been taken away from us, and no one seems to be noticing this. The original quality of sound, the natural light, a completely undisturbed weather pattern throughout the world, the free flow of natural therapeutics, the complete facilitation of human responsibility above an unhealthy need to regulate an integral human responsibility in the name of improving human evolution, no social engineering via the mainstream and social media to allow humans to interact freely with one another and form unforgettable bonds, etc. Society is in a rapid process of decay and collapse, and people believe this is part of a healthy, natural process of human evolution. And look at the words of Bill Gates, that he would intend to block sun radiation! Look at the insanity of the distorted reality and projective scenarios we have been forced into! Ohh, how deceived we have become. Where is the hope that was given freely and unconditionally to us when we started to exist?

Current life in big cities is like a life in prison, except we are our own prison guards and even torturers. An Orthodox Christian priest from Romania, Father Iustin Parvu, said during the communist takeover of Romania in the late 1940s, that the world would become an open prison, and that the Pitesti social and psychological experiment started by the local stalinist regime would become a worldwide phenomenon. Look at the accuracy of such a scenario! Moreover, they say robots would eventually gain power and kill mankind, but what if we have become robots and are killing our human nature? We have become so insensitive to large-scale injustices that we have ended up accepting crimes against humanity, just because they look safer than an original disease. The “perfect” dystopian future does not involve brutal guards beating people until they bleed or pass out, but it involves people complying with the rules wholeheartedly and end up becoming their own torturers without realizing. God forbid we ever reach such a state, as all Hell would literally end up moving on Earth.

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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