Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Recently, a major court of law in the United States of America ruled that all the information with regards to the past connections of Jeffrey Epstein with powerful figures will be made public. Moreover, a major documentary called ‘Died Suddenly’ was published yesterday on, and the number of people who have viewed it is already higher than a million. It is interesting to note that this happened at the time when the world has been focused on a World Cup football match, and that very recently, there have been warnings about possible blackouts in the British Isles that would happen even from the next night due to the excess rainy weather. We do not deny that the weather might have pressurised and weakened major power grids there, but is it more than the weather behind the recent sudden news?

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Not to mention the current state of military conflict in Ukraine and the increasing cost-of-living and energy crises, which have become a principal subject of concern worldwide, as an extension of such a problem can deepen the crises of hunger in unprivileged countries. There seem to be only a few actual coincidences, as powerful figures have camouflaged their evidence of guilt behind events of significant magnitudes, whether seemingly positive or directly negative.

A major leak of information with regards to past connections between the world’s most prolific pedophile and powerful figures may wake a billion or more people up and significantly help reshape human history, as it would help people apprehend the real nature of important branches of world politics and power. For example, the fact that, in Britain, prince Andrew is still given important responsibilities, despite all the court evidence against him, significantly indicates that a major level of political crimes is rather widely tolerated. We need to be aware of and alert to any devise developed to distract the people from the real events that are happening behind the curtains of the circus theatre scene. With regards to circuses, it is interesting to note that they were invented to shift the focus of people from the reality of the leadership.

The following is a link to an article mentioning evidence regarding the infamous flight log of Epstein, which includes numerous powerful political and financial figures worldwide:


The National Grid system of Britain has withdrawn the alert of immediate blackouts. They had previously expressed the concern that residents would reach the limit of power grid capacity after the rush hour, leading to widespread power cuts, causing people to panic.

Source: we_r_one_x_backup on Instagram

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