Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

This video was recently posted from the front lines in Italy.  Propaganda targeting children aged 5-11 and their parents is showing up all over the world.  Omicron narrative is either conveniently or incidentally getting shaped towards the same end. Under this category we’ll be collecting such propaganda from around the world for educating our activists and readers regarding this evolving threat.

Even if you don’t understand any Italian, the imagery comes through loud and clear.  The image of the super bird bouncing off bullets is just over the top.  A subtle threat, a Freudian slip?  Note the final phrase, “IL VACCINO E UNA COSA GRANDE.” Translation: “THE VACCINE IS A GREAT THING.”

Well folks, they are coming for your kids.  My guess is we are going to be seeing mass forced vaccination on kids in the next couple of months.  It will come on the back of Omicron’s arrival.  Nanny states will do this under the guise of child protection.  Whether this does or doesn’t happen will depend crucially on what we as parents and citizens do in the next few weeks.  If there isn’t a massive uproar, this will happen, mark my words.  Make a stand now, make sure it is appropriately intense.  Remember, OUR CHILDREN’S BODIES DO NOT BELONG TO THE STATE.

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