Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Canadian human rights criminal Justin Trudeau and his collaborators put out this propaganda piece a couple of weeks ago.  This is part of a rising tide of government and pharmaceutical company led consent manufacture process that is taking place around the globe.  We are being readied for the next phase of this criminal species scale medical experiment.  Some of those who are on the borderline regarding the vaccine’s appropriateness for children will be convinced by such shallow propaganda.  That is their design, that is their hope (which means they can’t just jump on mandates right away, we have a little bit of time, a little agency left still).  Shame on us if we do fall in line with their design.  My hope is that our better selves will see right through their obvious and shallow manipulations, and recognize this for what it is.

Let us protect our children from these monsters. That is our mandate from God and nature


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