Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
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In a very important interview last week, between experts Dr Philip McMillan and Prof Geert Vanden Bossche, the issue of ‘what’s coming next’ in the pandemic was discussed, and there are some significant concerns.  Now, as an educationalist, obviously this discussion would usually be completely outside my usual listening list. And outside my comfort zone! But this topic is important – it affects all of us, no matter what our medical status, or even what country we live in.  Lifelong learning is essential now, more than ever.

I admit I had to listen/watch it over again, in order to understand some of the content. And I applaud Geert for his genuine gift in making his scientific language come to life for the lay person, and also to Philip for carefully teasing apart the complex issues raised, and using images to help us understand so much better. Here is one of the images used, which described the impact of the spike protein binding to the cellular receptors (Note: this image is problematic, for reasons pointed out by Geert in the interview):   

There were some really important statements made, and Geert makes it clear that he is working very hard on our behalf, to try to alert the authorities to the dangers of what lies ahead: the virus mutation into something more serious than the current Omicron is imminent; herd immunity will now be impossible to achieve in the many countries which have now a highly vaccinated population. He is about to publish a new paper about this issue, which he needs help disseminating as widely as possible, so stay connected by registering to this Blog and to Dr McMillan’s Substack and Prof Geert Vanden Bossche’s website, for details when available. Will the WHO and other authorities pushing the vaccines more and more stop and listen? We can only live in hope.

We need to stop saying “Oh, it’s OK, Omicron symptoms are mild, and therefore we are all over it now and can stop worrying.”

The truth of the matter, according to Geert, is that those who have NOT had the vaccine and inevitably catch/recover from the (mild symptoms of) Omicron version of Covid, are able to eliminate the virus: those individuals contribute to the overall health of any population, by building immunity. It’s understandable that the narrative has switched to relaxing the mandates as the symptoms are now often mild…


…Geert explains how the vaccinated (defined as those who have had any number of doses of the injection) will now be “parking” the virus in their body, bodies which are unable to naturally produce the antibodies necessary to sterilise the virus, now or in the future. Therefore, the virus continues to mutate, repeating symptoms, waring down the victim, trying to lever the advantage of the narrow focus within the injections. Physiologically, the future looks bleak, tbh.

From this perspective, with reduced immune system effectiveness, those individuals who are vaccinated (especially those who are getting repeated shots) are thereby highly susceptible to future infections (this is already evident in the data), this vulnerability will only increase over time. In fact, warns Geert, it’s likely that hospitalisations (and therefore deaths) will increase substantially (even in the young) over coming months, as the virus mutates. That could be disastrous; many healthcare systems are already under significant strain. In New Zealand, for example, hospitals are at breaking point. Hospitals were already short-staffed, and now staff have been sacked for non-compliance with the vaccine mandates. Cardio patients are apparently spilling into other wards. Remaining vaccinated (and boosted) staff are sick with Covid, and under the latest policy, must self-isolate at home for 7 days. The volunteer paramedic teams are so busy with call-outs, they cannot cope. No anti-virals in the early-treatment protocols are available. Indeed, the NZ Ministry of Health does not offer any advice at all about early treatment – even the simplest and free Vit D (Sunshine). What is ahead? There could be tragic healthcare outcomes for the staff and their patients.

The only solution to this looming catastrophe, says Geert, is the cheap and effective anti-virals like Ivermectin. He points out the irony of his own expertise originally being in veterinary medicine and surgery, coming full circle to the pseudo-fact-checkers, as the censored and confiscated ‘horse wormer’ could turn out to be the miracle solution to those desperate people in positions of power. However, will ivermectin continue to be effective with coming variants? This is unknown territory.

One thing IS certain: we should all be preparing for what is ahead. Let’s not fall into the trap of anxiety and fearmongering, like MSM But if we are prepared, we can be stronger together in our new parallel communities, make those positive changes and stock-up on essential, healthy provisions we might need for helping each other, in any way we can. Anyway, I encourage everyone to watch/listen to this interview and share it widely in your networks, in the spirit of lifelong learning. And I will report back once I’ve read Geert’s important paper just published.

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