Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Now, there is no longer one shadow of a doubt. The COVID-19 spike protein-based vaccines not only do not prevent or attenuate the disease, but also cause a multitude of problems, and some of them implicate induced immunodeficiencies, which will first manifest as a re-infection, but in time will also manifest through more severe cases of disease induced by weaker pathogens, like the common cold virus. This phenomenon comes with antibody-dependent enhancement and is known as vaccine-associated enhanced disease. The antibodies in this case will unfortunately facilitate the entry of the virus into the host cell, and not prevent it. I mean, have a look at the huge difference between South Africa and Israel. Not even 30% of South Africa’s population received two dose, let alone three or four, whilst Israel being the most vaccinated country in the world, started has recently started a wide rollout of the fourth dose. The difference in the proportion of people with the disease is as the one between a house and a mountain, and now the number of daily COVID-19-related deaths has already passed the second peak back in autumn, although the rise of the number of daily deaths is still in the beginning. Yet, some people are still living in denial and getting ready to receive countless boosters, thinking they will bring life back to normal sooner or later.

Remember when literally every politician and health authority was insisting that getting the two doses would lead us back to normal indefinitely? And now we are being told that two doses only provide with 4% protection against the disease, and that receiving a third dose will become mandatory to participate in society in a number of first-world countries. Well, that did not age quite well, did it? It looks like, the lower the vaccination rates are, the lower the number of cases are, and the smaller the time of prolonged epidemic is. Yes, the vaccines provide with short-term protection that is often significant, but they do not help the immune system to evolutionarily outcompete the ability of the virus to camouflage itself and suppress important mechanisms of the innate immune system. Likewise, because it does not help the immune system, it helps the virus adapt to changes in patterns of the adaptive immune system and become more capable of self-camouflage. Likewise, if we continue with this fourth dose and start the rollout of a fifth one too, then we will be clearly heading towards an evolutionary disaster.

Children are at a tremendously higher risk of significant injury or long-term detrimental effects upon health following the spike protein-based vaccination than natural infection.

Given that the Office of National Statistics in the UK collected the data until the 31st of October 2021, the data is accurate because the rollout of the vaccines in children began only two months prior to the publication. Likewise, the evidence is clear and yet, I believe people have a duty: to acknowledge it and to follow the truth. Parents, please do not go with your children to get them injected because this is not a vaccine, especially not long-term. A real vaccine does not result in a much higher number of cases and will not result in a continuation of deaths from the disease, even if a fourth dose has been offered to the general public. A real vaccine does not result in over 30,000 deaths as a result of adverse reactions in the EU (officially, as we know that unofficially, it is very possible that ten to a hundred-fold more people have unfortunately lost their lives).


A circulating theory that a group of influential world politicians have planned a decrease in the world population for years 2018-2030 since the 1990s.

This is not about feeding into conspiracy theories, but about bearing in mind that certain events might happen which will not be in our favour. Raising awareness about future probabilities may be important in preserving societal integrity and even democracy. They say wisdom is a great virtue, and encouraging masses of people to become wiser in their decisions and judgment may help humanity stay on the positive side of history. This is about collecting evidence and signs of evidence. What is curious in this equation is the fact that the establishment has been promoting a bit excessively the main theory by Alfred Malthus that mankind will eventually remain with insufficient resources for survival by 2050, as well as the current of Cornucopianism, in which cloning technologies will be needed to provide mankind with enough resources for survival. Of course, every theory needs to be studied with due dilligence, and we have the duty to be wise and contribute with any good ideas or lead by example to improve the perceived concept of living. But nevertheless, I believe panicking is not the solution and the promotion of certain currents that lead to more panic might be to a degree suspect and deserve careful research.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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