Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

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The White Rose represents a resistance group created in Germany by five University students during the Second World War to peacefully overthrow the nazi regime, and the participants of the group did not care whether they would be killed as a result of their firm stance against nazism. These are people inspiring the whole world to stand up for what is right and to strongly oppose discrimination, racism and ethnic cleansing, all by means of non-violent resistance. For some people, it represents a movement that is no longer relevant, since right-wing dictators like Hitler no longer exist. But the truth is that the factors that lead to the implementations of such a dictatorship still exist nowadays, and now we are yet again in danger because radical right-wing ideologies, which we know they are based on hate and brainwashing, started to spread again. These ideologies are based on support from brainwashed people who believe their personal problems are caused by certain categories of people. There is a difference between standing up against corruption, which does not have an ethnic and social preference, and generalising to the way of developing hate feelings toward a race or ethnicity because a number of people with high positions of power and responsibility have been committing serious crimes. This generalisation is made by individuals planted by the system and by weak-minded individuals who follow such false opposition members who spread hate and lies, just like the establishment of the world does.

The White Rose is a movement that resists all wrongdoing equally as powerful. There is no discrimination or a variable consideration based on political, social and financial preferences. The White Rose stands up against far-right ideologies, just as it stands up against far-left ideologies. And now, we need to properly make plans to extend the movement by means of immunisation against future waves of fascism, nazism, communism, imperialism and crimes against humanity. We need to resist all forms of oppression and lead by example when we wish to make changes in the world. They say that fear is part of negativity, but there is one kind of fear that is good, the fear of making mistakes that will hurt others. Good fear protects us from having history repeat itself. And I have a fear that history will repeat itself if we do not take action to extinguish all the fiery hate that has started to spread again because of ignorance, false information and monetary investments into hate groups that are now occupying areas of politics, economics, science and the social sectors around the world.

If we do not conduct ourselves accordingly, then we become the weapons that hate and pride use against each and every one of us. Our negative feelings and actions are weapons of the enemy against humanity. The truth is that the world is run by cults and counter-cults. We cannot prevail against hate and pride by creating a counter-cult, just as bullying cannot be fought with counter-bullying. You would be surprised how easy is can be to turn even a resistance movement into a counter-cult, given that we are to go through this world filled with pride, hate and indifference in order to get love and truth to dominate mankind. Strength of the mind, discernment and moral stability are needed like oxygen for the lungs and cells of the body, or like potassium for the maintenance of the health of the mind; so we will fulfil our true mission on Earth, which is to spread true love and edify each other with the truth. We must be careful how we take care of our psychology and behaviour when we want to make important changes for the better in the world.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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