Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Recent news from multiple sources have mentioned an arrest of the Pfizer’s Vice President, Rady Johnson. How likely is it that he is now kept in solitary confinement after the Pfizer corporation has yet again committed greater felonies than any other major health agencies worldwide?

Fact-checkers immediately popped up on Google, saying that the news is false. However, they cannot disprove the validity and credibility of the documents that came from Pfizer. The truth cannot be transfigured into a lie just because some corrupt vaccine developers and health authorities have ties into fact-checkers. They cannot manipulate the public opinion forever, unless the vast majority of the public complies with the overlords or pays a deaf ear to the presented facts. In that case, we will not ever have real justice, and the corrupt will continue to rule over the masses.

It is seriously time for everybody to reflect upon their thoughts and actions, and call out wrongdoing as it is. Numerous people have now suffered from life-altering adverse reactions, but still, very few are speaking out. Some are even saying that these were inevitable events that needed to happen in order to get over the COVID-19 pandemic, which shows that Julian Assange may have been right when he said how the masses would accept an experimental vaccine if they were convinced the disease was worse than it.

The truth is coming out indeed, but it is the receptivity of every one of us that matters the most. I know this is frustrating for many of us, but I believe that the way to deal with this problem is to expect nothing from people and continue to do our best, for our families, ourselves, our friends and acquaintances. It is upsetting to realise that many people are planning no action against the corrupt corporations and political parties, and that instead, they are reacting the way governments want them to react. I believe selfishness, ego and fear are three factors that play a major role in preventing a mass awakening. In an age when masses seem to be losing themselves, I believe the number one priority is that we should not lose ourselves individually because this prevention will save people around us as well.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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