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Never in the history of mankind has there been such an aggression to push political agendas down the throats of the entire world population. After their efforts to convince the entire planet to receive an mRNA experimental vaccine failed, the few powerful are now getting desperate to make people do whatever they wish. Imagine my shock, the day the UK ended the unlawful restrictions is the same day when the war between Russia and Ukraine began and the world is becoming anxious about whether the conflict will extend and affect key areas. I bet the UN and NATO are salivating at the idea that the world could become a battlefield, so that the powerful could take advantage of the situation and become much richer than ever before, all at the expense of the financial freedom, as well as the medical and social integrity of over seven billion people. The same hypocrites that engaged in illegal warfare against millions of innocent civilians in various countries in the Middle East are now condemning what happened in Ukraine and running scared.

Now, do not get me wrong. I firmly oppose all forms of war and cannot endorse what has been happening in Ukraine. This post is about calling for everybody to tell the truth and support those who are fighting hard to save humanity from the unprecedentedly corrupt establishment. I would like to remind people that the risks of massive worldwide cyber-attacks is now higher and we should immediately develop innovative strategies to spread the truth like lamp light. We need to understand that we are already in a world war, and this war is not based on physical strength, but on psychology, intellect and information. This is not a matter of, if we will not manage to wake up most people, then we adapt and carry on with our lives within the new possibilities, but a matter of, if we do not manage to wake up most people, mankind will lose forever. Consumerism has made all of us more vulnerable to psychological strategies developed by the overlords against our collective and moral consciousness. Agenda 2030 is not about bringing a fair world and dignity for all; it is about making everybody slaves to the System, by abolishing all forms of private property and eliminating cash in order to centralise the financial system. We live in critical times, and only a miracle can get us out of this situation, truth be told.

With regards to the Asperger’s Syndrome and its spread around the world, I have reasons to believe the elites planned for this to happen. Nevertheless, the same elites do not quite understand that this will sooner or later turn against them, since people with Asperger’s Syndrome generally develop incredibly innovative ways of improving their personality and controlling their emotions. Nikola Tesla taught a few people principles of time-travelling by means of improving one’s personality and emotions, and given that the Theory of Relativity heavily applies into psychology, we can understand that taking great care of our emotions and making good updates to our personality by means of taking the right decisions and surrounding ourselves with relatively few, but trustworthy people will get us to time travel in ways that we will become strong in the meta-physical world. In other words, the elites may have just created a generation with higher skills of time-travelling, bringing about a flexible specialism, or a blending of multi-specialism with multi-dimensional flexibility. The personalities of many of us are like an extended unitary pancake. Through the power of imagination and faith in good, we can become anyone we want and we can reach our desired life objectives. We can become as big or as small as we want, both in the seen and unseen areas of our existence. Sometimes, we need to be small so we can go through certain narrow channels of our lives (i.e. we generally need not to be noticed by other people when we go through personal hardships). Other times, we need to be greater so we can be noticed by certain people around us and seize a number of opportunities in life. Importantly, having a strong faith plays a great part in making one’s character immune to physical and meta-physical hazards, so we are to have an unshaken faith in good and to have no harmful and non-productive fear.

This is the time to be courageous and speak however much truth you know, no matter how you feel. No fear is greater than the love we should have for our fellow human beings. No fear is greater than the beauty of a world we could be having if we all do what we are meant to do, together. No fear is greater than the dangers that now lie ahead of all of us. I will speak my truth now, to lead by example and motivate you to do the same.

With regards to developing ways of protection from and treatment of challenging viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoal diseases, as well as illnesses caused by other toxins, I believe the only way is to reconnect with Nature and understand how She already has the solutions for us. Interferon-alpha, beta and lambda, combined with plant-derived interferon-stimulating proteins, antioxidants (i.e. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, zinc, quercetin, N-acetyl glucosamine and ginger) certain antivirals (i.e. favipiravir and umifenovir), turmeric, manuka honey, low-dose zinc ionophores (i.e. quinine) or edible zeolites, low-dose ivermectin and high frequency-based therapies can prevent most, if not all, of the future pandemics and transmissible diseases. Interferons, interferon-stimulating proteins, and perhaps a smaller concentration of nitric oxide as well, disarm viruses with abilities to hijack the immune system, which means they can effectively prevent all viral diseases that cause significant symptoms, more or less often. The mentioned antivirals are also good at prevention and early treatment of problematic viral diseases that are respiratory in nature. Interferon-based medical approaches can also prevent and treat cancer, radiation poisoning and AIDS. Moreover, oral methioninase and the TP29 small peptide could constitute auxiliary treatment methods to significantly decrease the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to self-camouflage, and also, intubated patients could be given Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet C rays through their tube to decrease the viral load in the trachea and the bronchi, and attenuate inflammation. Antioxidants and high frequency-based approaches may prevent and treat diseases caused by pathogens and radiation.

Nikola Tesla studying novel methods of electricity provision using his discovered machineries. Such discoveries could play a massive role in the biophysical therapy of complicated diseases.

An application of the principles of Nikola Tesla into electricity-based therapy can significantly treat and reverse the significant adverse reactions of the spike protein-based vaccines in people, which resulted in damaged and destroyed neurological and neuromuscular networks. Such an electricity-based therapy could also treat various forms of blindness and deafness (and sometimes even cure them eventually) by repairing damaged and destroyed optic and auditory nerves, and restore lost smell and taste as a result of COVID-19 by repairing damaged olfactory nerves. Therapies based on specific sounds and frequencies could also be of a great help, and Dr. Rife used them to treat many kinds of important diseases. If each pathogenic agent has its own frequency, perhaps we could detect the frequency of the pathogens of concern and use this therapeutic intervention to treat the infected patients and destroy such pathogens. Overall, countless lives can be saved, not only from COVID-19, but from other diseases as a result of many more spare beds for patients with underlying health conditions.

News article about two case studies indicating the effectiveness of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s machine against germs and cancer.

Whilst the spike protein-based vaccines will unfortunately be a factor of a significant world depopulation, such a set of therapeutic approaches can not only save many lives, but perhaps delay or even reverse the process of a world depopulation.

The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have caused many children to develop severe disease and die. We must fight for the truth to prevail because the innocent are being targeted in most countries of the world.

I am a graduate in medical sciences and the pandemic affected my ability to get employed. But I believe that speaking the truth has become my full-time job, because words are the most powerful. Through imagination and words, great scientific inventions were made, and the research and practical work were only subordinate to ideas and imagination, although imagination and practice live in a symbiotic relationship, meaning that they are inter-dependent. Overall, I believe all graduates in biomedical sciences have the duty to speak the truth to the best of their ability and to help their colleagues, friends and neighbours to understand how real Science actually operates.

Please distribute this post everywhere and let the people that are still on the fence know that their indifference and lack of action are allowing the powerful to increasingly trample upon the entire mankind.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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