Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

“a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic” –

The person behind this quote is listed in the end of this post, and before you agree or disagree with it – please read to the end.

Personally I think that vaccines are very important – since we started to use vaccines millions of lives were saved and a lot of misery and sickness was saved as well. In a previous post I mentioned that my grandfather had 14 siblings, out of them 12 died in young age due to sicknesses that nowadays could be cured. However, vaccine mandates are something different, when a government is forcing people to get vaccinated they basically say “the risk of `a virus` death is 1 to 1,000 while the risk of death from a vaccine adverse reaction is 1 to 100,000“ (please don’t correct my numbers here, this is given just as an example). Another way to put it is “we can save 100 people on the expense of one”.

Problem is, that statistics is not an exact science, it is.. just statistics – a collection of data, an after math. Behind those numbers, there are human beings – some of them may die of the virus, others may get injured from a vaccine. When the government is forcing vaccines on people, they basically say “you are no longer responsible for your health. You have a low chance to be injured, but a higher chance to fall sick”.

But what are those chances based on? General Practitioners (GP) learn that the best doctor is the patient herself of himself – that is why GP’s tend to interview the patient as part of the analysis process. Imagine you went to your GP with blurred vision – and your GP would look at the statistics and tell you “sorry, but in your age, you have 99.5% chance to have good eyesight, and 0.5% to need glasses – so there is no point to check your vision”.

Obviously, this is nonsense right. In terms of vaccines – they basically average a grouo of people which don’t even share the same culture, BMI, DNA, medical history… basically they compare apples to pears, or actually – apples to giraffes: the patient knows the best if they can overcome a virus, or if they prefer the vaccine risk and would want to take a vaccine. When the government is dictating that, they are basically saying – “do as we say, you are now part of the statistics”.

Back to the quote in the beginning of this post, it is portraying the ruthless evil character of the person behind it, a person that can see the suffering of millions as plain statistics, Joseph Stalin.

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