Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

I think the public needs to have a say in reviewing national immunization plans and other ministry of health decisions (this is not a covid post). Taking into account we are seeing that government and pharmaceutical companies are not relying their decisions on data, but rather on political or financial decisions, and how much power and money they have also affect of on our life, I think the public needs to have a representation in ministry of health decisions, and to review those decisions once and a while.

I’m looking at the national immunization plan – this is for New Zealand but is similar in every OECD country. I noticed for example a major difference to immunization programmes from 25 years ago when my first child was born: new vaccines, and also the intensity of the vaccines is higher – booster shots are given more frequently while 25 years ago they were not. I understand the “immune system memory” concept but natural immunity is also important. My questions:

– if vaccines worked in the last 25 years (for instance – for tetanus, diphtheria), why do we need booster shots? I don’t recall any endemic outbreaks of any of those viruses.

– Why flu vaccine is added to the programme while we know that flu mutates every year to a different strain?

– what are the long term side effects of those vaccines (it is very hard to determine cause and effect on the long run) vs. the risk from getting ill, for instance, Rotavirus that most of us got before the vaccine. in other words – what is the risk for major sicknesses if one got one of those light viruses.

– I’m still looking for a doctor to explain how babies could be infected with Hepatatis B while the infection mechanism is sex or open blood wounds.

I have more questions. The main purpose of this post is, that the public or an independent body may need to start supervise what ministries of health are doing. Yes – we lost trust.

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