Sun. Mar 26th, 2023


All of us have at least one time been almost obsessed by the idea of starting a worldwide peaceful Revolution to restore the true hierarchies of leadership, justice, health and education. We have insisted to wake up our friends and family members who have happened to be on the other side of the debate, or who have not been strong enough to resist the highly unethical public health mandates and in some instances even orders not to talk about the truth with others (i.e. gagging orders). And rightfully so, we spoke the truth from the rooftops so we would try our best to convince people around us to do their own research before taking medical decisions that could have negatively impacted their lives.

However, many of us have not emphasised upon the urgent need to take care of the unspoken requirements to make some internal changes; to improve the relationship with the self and with people around us. The truth is that many people in the Freedom movement are internally broken and they emphasise too much upon helping others, and too little upon helping themselves. Because of this, their level of credibility is rather low and that helps people around them not to take their concerns seriously. You see, what is happening at the moment is an unseen battle between different hierarchies of power, and psychological integrity plays a great part in bringing convincing power to an individual. Having an internal balance, internalising the truth about the hierarchies of importance in life and taking action to change the world by making inward changes represent key steps in bringing that Inward Revolution. This is not about holding a specific form of religion, spirituality, or about practicing some kind of meditation. This is simply about understanding the real hierarchies of psychology, and about setting the priorities correctly. Furthermore, as the title suggests, emphasising too much on reaction minimises the focus on bringing the needed solutions to restore democracy and also favours the development and extension of extremistic ideologies and movements. The number one priority does not only include finding the problems and reacting to them, but also looking for and bringing the needed solutions on the table. Although a mass reaction to serious societal problems is a strong sign of a collective awakening, it is not always needed to bring about a grand change.

As John F. Kennedy once said, in order to make positive changes, one needs to start by looking inward and examining their character. During an age of physical and mental disease normalisation, it can seem really difficult to take that first step of self-healing, as the establishment keeps trying to “re-assure” people that it is alright to suffer and that they should not think too much about solutions. The truth is that we should indeed accept each other’s impairments and differences, but that we should always encourage people to look patiently for real solutions. We live in a time of polarisation, when we either do things too much or we do not do them at all. The problem is not that we do them or not, but that the balance seems to have been lost. Once we reach that balance again, then we will reach the needed inner and outer balance.

”We need a Revolution without a revolution.” – Archimandrite Arsenie Papacioc

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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