Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Despite the extraordinary amount of clinical evidence that has been widely presented to the public and to public-funded institutions, the authorities that we have been paying via taxes are continuing to silence their moral convictions and to manipulate people into believing the COVID-19 experimental injections are safe for everybody and that people should have very limited choice with regards to taking it. We live in a historical area with regards to the loss of morality and consciousness, and there is very little sign that the critical mass of the population is waking up, sadly. People are still living in the illusion that compliance will get them out of the situation, when in reality, the more they comply, the more medical tyranny they will receive as the years pass. However, the critical area of human life has been touched; children and babies, who have been gifted to the society by a maker of life, whether Nature or an Intelligent Creator. The fundamental rule of the moral code is to do no harm to the gift of life itself, and we seem to be losing control over psychopathic desires of a few to harm the gift of life. The main people who will be guilty will not be the few who order the harm of the little ones, but the many who will either follow wrong orders or ignore the necessity to firmly stand up and stop this murderous process of medical experiments with genetically manipulated pathogenic mRNA and proteins. Many people in the younger generation seem to be completely silent about this paramount problem of medical ethics, but immediately react when problems of lower magnitude occur. The problem is not necessarily that younger people have a weaker moral establishment in their mindset, but that many younger people do not exactly know their enemy. It is a matter of fact that not knowing the adversary and the patterns of his/her operating system almost guarantees the defeat by the adversary. Likewise, we must get to know the enemy of humanity and her foundational wellbeing beforehand.

How difficult is it to undo the effects of mass hypnosis, and what does it take for people to undo such effects? The level of societal indifference is not just shocking, but appalling for world history. We are not paying attention to the fact that many people died as a result of this medical experiment, and many have tried to justify these mass deaths by saying that the necessity to save the lives of vulnerable people cancels out the moral burden caused by a medical experiment. The reality is that immune suppression does not represent a fundamental cause of COVID-19 deaths, according to new evidence presented by Dr. Philip McMillan in his research on COVID-19 and autoimmunity. Namely, Dr. McMillan presented a case study, comparing Mozambique, the country with the second highest number of HIV-related deaths, and New Zealand, a country with developed research and treatment against AIDS. The fact that, out of 32 million people in Mozambique, there have been only 2,224 COVID-19-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, and that New Zealand having a population of 5 million people, experienced 2,992 COVID-19-related deaths since 2020, represents a sign that immunosuppression has two opposing sides and that sometimes, immunosuppression does not lead to complications, but rather spares the patient from the onset of severe disease. Likewise, it is not immunosuppression that may be the principal factor of COVID-19 deaths, although it still remains one of the important ones; but rather, autoimmunity.

Either way, there is no justification for pushing mass mRNA and spike protein-based vaccines into children whatsoever. The corrupt medical establishment must be exposed for what it is and people must collectively rise up and stop the plans of the WEF to affect human livelihoods in potentially irreversible ways! This is not about following a political party or ideology, which only plays into the hands of the WEF. This is about following the road for our collective recovery. When we understand that our problems are foundational, and not lateral, we will finally start heading towards this recovery that we have been searching for such a long time.


By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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