Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023


The results of the recent presidential elections in France represents a major sign that the rulers of the world have been behaving in an incredibly opportunistic manner, as their goal is to rule over emotion and cognition. Another important sign is the fact that too many people are ignoring the serious problem of neo-nazi infiltration in the Ukrainian army and political arena. I fear we are now at a stage where we either have to support one party or the other, and that their next step is the radicalisation of masses. We know that hate causes a form of cognitive and social blindness that can seriously affect the discernment of many if they do not seriously long for the truth.

The globalists have two important cards in their hands; rigging of elections and social engineering. The latter represents a method used when more people are partly aware of the actual reality that reflects politics, and because many people do not fully wake up, then the elites can use this form of engineering to cause hate and divisions. Of course, it does not always work for them, but the problem is that many people buy their propaganda and will in their ignorance and weakness start hating on certain categories of people. Given that such people are generally broken inside, they will try to fill in their gaps with ideologies that are actually incredibly toxic. Some choose left-wing radical ideologies, and others choose the right-wing ones. The truth is that right-wing and left-wing forms of radicalism were both created through social engineering by the elites so they can continue to literally stand on us.

I personally am very concerned about the next coming events within the coming decades, and it is Europe that I am most concerned about. It seems that the elites are not necessarily trying to conquer mankind at this point of time, but that they are only training and sort of mimicking the implementation of their agenda, by means of stirring a reaction from people. The reason why they are using this method is because they are trying to use a down-spiral sort of approach to make sure that they will rule the world forever. And weak-minded people will think the toxic ideologies are good and will finally improve the state of the world, when actually, it will just be just the temporary climbing of the spiral from a sharp to a more slight decrease trend. And this temporary climbing of the trend is like the preparation of the roller coaster to face another sudden descent. Around a century ago, the world rulers at that time used a very similar approach to divide mankind into far-right (fascism and nazism) and far-left (bolshevism) factions, which both extended like wildfire, especially in Europe and then in Asia. People, I beg of you to truly understand the nature of the approaches used by the elites. We are not facing some random intelligent people, but ones with IQ levels of 175-200 and above. They created most of the academic and artistic celebrities in the world. But the truth is that intelligence was given to us and that there is one source of good and evil energies alike.

Evil is nothing more but the distortion of good. Given that good is infinite, the distortion of good can also be infinite. The evil energies rebelled against the source and have since tried to imitate the source by means of acquiring power, but I believe that the source will sooner or later use this form of imitation on a different temporal frame (long-term), by means of turning mankind back on the right path. The more evil energies try to rebel against the Source, the greater their pride and agony will be, as the reactive Force of the Source is elastic and increases in an exponential manner as they continue trying to break away from the Source and claim power over the whole physical and non-physical existence.

I mentioned on a previous publication that we need to keep the White Rose movement alive and strong until all divisive hate is rooted out from our world society. The elites are trying to eliminate real patriotism by means of twisting meanings and brainwashing people into hate and division. Real patriotism means standing up for your country and standing up for the world, simultaneously and equally. If you do not love the world, then you do not love your country, and vice-versa. Let the globalists continue to hate on us, whilst we love one another, no matter the individual and collective differences we have. Determining the quality of people is not dependent upon race, creed, identity, backgrounds or biologic orientations, but upon CHARACTER and DISCERNMENT. The rulers of the world want us to start generalising so we will start playing right into their dirty hands.

Let this be a warning for us all to keep any toxic ideology away and prevent negative history from ever repeating itself. Let this be a banner of knowledge for the coming generations in Europe and all around the world.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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