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A recent peer-reviewed study from the University of Oxford has shown that COVID-19 is associated with a reduction of the brain size of the patients. It is possible that even mild forms of COVID-19 lead to such neurological implications. The average time from the moment of infection to the detection of the changed encephalon dimension was 104 days, and clinicians often found a significant long-term effects upon the organ, such as a reduced orbitofrontal and parahippocampus grey matter and tissue contrast. Grey matter mostly consists of neuronal cell bodies, which means that the virus and the spike protein are capable of killing numerous neurons. This reduction in brain size is caused by the damage of various neuronal networks, and this further demonstrates the incredibly high level of toxicity displayed by the spike protein. Likewise, we have reasons that the spike protein-based vaccines can often cause significant neuronal damages leading to a brain size reduction, especially when the patients receive multiple doses. As a result, we will face a problem of a widespread IQ score decrease, and this will be more likely and more serious in people who have taken the booster dose. This reduction in the brain size and IQ score will lead to a faster cognitive decline, and this will also favour the onset of neurodegenerative disorders later in life. In other words, incredibly hard times are awaiting us, and medical treatment will unfortunately become centred around people who developed short-term and long-term adverse events. And an increasing number of people will have lower abilities of critical thinking, meaning that the overlords will eventually be more capable of controlling the masses. This is not to say that all people who became infected with the virus or received the vaccine will experience such neurological decays, and patients with severe forms of COVID-19, as well as people who received at least three doses of the vaccine who have one or more co-morbidities, will sadly be at a greater risk to undergo neurological problems as such.

This figure shows a statistical significance that COVID-19 infections, and implicitly, the current spike protein-based vaccine technologies, are associated with neurolysis, a decline of the IQ score, and consequently, a decreased size of the encephalon (Randy L. Gollub, 2022). The control group consists of people who did not experience a COVID-19 infection, whilst the case group consists of people who experienced a COVID-19 infection.

I do not know who is in charge of the world, but there seems to be an unimaginable extent of evil premeditation behind all this mass vaccination campaign, given that the powerful had plenty of opportunity to understand the risks of their actions and change the course of events. But the fact that there has been no change with regards to the mass vaccination campaign shows that these individuals seem to have no heart in them. In the following months and especially years, we will unfortunately witness the worst kinds of induced disease in a very long time, and those who will suffer greatly will be amongst our loved ones, close friends and colleagues. And this will happen just after the couple of years when the level of societal depression was already greater than the level of societal depression during and after the Second World War. And, of course, the big pharmaceutical corporations will benefit from this induced crisis greatly by means of financial gain. Such organisations will probably even develop medicine for the vaccine-injured so they will continue to profit from the same people that they oppressed and put their lives at risk. This is the psychological disorder of the powerful, which is characterised by their endless and exponential desire to gain more financial resources, which will automatically be gained via more and more unethical methods.

Given that a mild SARS-CoV-2 infection in the respiratory tract is often enough to cause damages to the myelin sheath in the brain, although the infection many times focuses on the respiratory tract, then we should worry about the risks of the spike protein-based vaccines to the integrity of neurones, neuronal links and neuronal networks. Although the paper has not been peer-reviewed yet, there is really alarming evidence already.

Recently, the CEO of Pfizer Inc., Dr. Albert Bourla, stated that a fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine will be developed to mitigate the effects of new SARS-CoV-2 variants. This shows that their elimination of almost all public health measures only represents a distraction of the masses and that, as soon as a new variant comes, perhaps when the autumn starts, they will re-implement draconian measures and continue to oblige people to receive further doses of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, not caring that the way the human organism reacts to the spike protein is too complex, bringing way too much uncertainty and danger for the health, short-term and long-term. Manipulation and infiltration constitute the alphabet of the powerful, as they use manipulation and infiltration, metaphorically and physically, in all areas of life.



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  • Scientific article discussing the imagistic results that often showed a brain size reduction as a result of COVID-19 infections, available at:

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