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Cargill represents the second largest agriculture company in the world, and it is one of the four major world corporations that almost all agricultural commodities have to be check-listed through. In other words, they have heavily controlled what materials can and can not go through to the market that is meant to be free. Cargill is the first corporation of the United States of America with regards to the extent of monetary revenue. During the First World War, Cargill were accused of profiteering from the war and enriching themselves by corrupt means. It represents a rather secretive corporation and it is believed that their intelligence on food and agriculture is higher than the CIA’s intelligence. It is interesting to see the pattern of secrecy, just as many people are not aware of the real extent of influence and power by the Getty. Just as it is possible that the one who controls the underground controls the world, so it is with secrecy; the more secrets a company has, the more power it has in the public. Also, it is the same with food, as controlling the amount and quality of food is analogous to strengthening or loosening the leash on a dog. If a population is starved, it can be controlled in an incredible extent.

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The Simpsons represents an American cartoon with a significant number of projections that actually reflected world events. In the Simpsons, there is a character named Russell “Russ” Cargill who became the Head of the Dome Project, in which towns and cities full of communities became locked within these capsules by means of tackling a crisis of pollution. It is shocking to learn about this, as most people probably never heard about the name “Cargill”. If this is actually a projection of the future, then there it is, a strong indice that families we never heard about before play a massive role in controlling the past, present and future, ultimately of the entire world. More is available here:

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