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Throughout the past century, an Eastern European country called Romania, has undergone tremendous levels of societal suffering and struggle. The international community may or may not be aware of the numerous events of massive magnitudes that happened, which led to the injury and death of hundreds of thousands of Romanian nationals. In this thread, I will aim to explain chronologically about the way the Romanian deep state gained power and became heavily involved in the New World Order. But first, I wish to emphasise upon the fact that the deep state in Romania has nothing to do with the interests of regular Romanian citizens.

It all started with the onset of capitalism and institutional corruption in Europe. Romania followed the lead of modernisation and of the corporate overlords, and eventually, many affiliates of the overlords based themselves in the country. Why would this occur? Probably because Romania is one of the European and world countries with the greatest amount of precious resources. The country also has all forms of geographical settings, from mountains to fields and the seaside. The 45-degree latitudinal parallel crosses the Southern half of the country as well. Then, as communism descended into the Eastern half of Europe, Romania followed the lead of the Moscow regime, and the Romanian Tezaurus had already been kept in Moscow by the time the Red Revolution won in Russia and led to the abdication of the Tzar. A secret political police was established and anyone who criticised the communist regime was arrested, sentenced without a trial and send to labour camps. Decades after, the political police became more and more powerful in the country, and many citizens joined the institution, either because they previously spoke against the regime and did not want to suffer the consequences, or because their family members had been enrolled already.

The first day of the Romanian Revolution in the capital city, Bucharest:

About fifty years since the onset of communism passed, and the Romanian Revolution occurred, leading to the elimination of Ceausescu from power and then to his arrest, military trial and execution. Some people stated that the trial occurred too quickly and that the international community should have had a say before the sentence. This led to the increase of doubts that the Revolution was fully controlled by the people, and not partially. Moreover, many officers from the former communist political police were kept in important positions of authority and some became influential politicians. As a result, people took to the streets only around ten days after the Revolution ended to demand that communists would no longer serve in public functions. Soon, the number of protestors reached hundreds of thousands nationwide. Nevertheless, the provisional government ignored their demands and months later, they organised the first elections and the winner of the presidency was the former friend of Ceausescu, who happened to support the Romanian Revolution and form the provisional government. He won the elections by over 90%, raising doubts about the integrity of the elections. A month later, the new president supported reprisals of the peaceful protests against the new power by calling thousands of miners to act against “hooligans that were devastating the capital city”. Later in the night, the army was caught on tape firing on protestors as well, and some people died. As a result, millions of people came to the realisation that communism did not die, but it was simply reformed, and thousands of people started leaving the country.

I urge viewer discretion for the following video. It is about hundreds of peaceful protestors that were detained during the reprisal of the large protest against infiltrated neo-communism, and they were beaten and some even tortured. One member of authority was caught on tape saying “a protestor did not have enough blood on his face, and that they needed to bring him a facial makeup of blood”:

In March 1990, there were also street fights between Hungarian and Romanian nationals in the city of Targu Mures, and it is possible that this conflict was fueled by interests to stir division and increase the interest of both Hungarians and Romanians into nationalistic ideologies, which in turn would further benefit the powerful.

A few decades later, a globalist president was elected and he initially promised he would increase salaries and pensions, and widen the availability for work in key institutions. What happened after was quite the opposite; during the 2008-2012 financial crisis, many hospitals and schools were forced to shut down, salaries and pensions were decreased by significant proportions, whilst employability was significantly affected as well. The only people who received the actual benefits were those working in major corporations as leaders and investors. As a result of this mismanagement, other thousands of Romanians left Romania for Western countries in droves. In 2012, Romanian people protested again in their thousands, and some 200 protestors became violent. People suspect that a number of violent protestors were actually infiltrated from the police to “justify” a crackdown against the protests. The riot police brutally arrested many peaceful protestors and tried to intimidate people who genuinely suffered because of deeply corrupt politicians. The mainstream media depicted the protests as violent and dominated by hooligans.

Later in 2013, world corporations tried to exploit the Rosia Montana and Pungesti natural resources by placing cyanic acid to exploit gold, as well as by fracking natural gas respectively. Both attempts were met with fierce public resistance, but former powerful members of political police institutions responded with police brutality. Thankfully, the corporations backed down and left the places of nature in peace.

PRESS RELEASE. Police is everywhere, justice is nowhere! Pungesti and Rosia Montana are under threat by Romanian authorities!

Later, toward the end of 2015, a fire took place in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest, where around 400 young people gathered for an interior concert. There had only been one exit door, and the concert took place in an underground large room. The fire only took 36 seconds to spread in the entire room and killed dozens of people. Afterwards, hundreds of patients had to be treated for their burns and consequent diseases, but something sinister happened in the process. An organisation called Hexi Pharma, was caught bringing diluted disinfectant substances and deadly bacteria, such as Streptococcus pyogenes, infected patients during operations to treat significant and severe burns. As a result, dozens more patients died as a result of hospital-acquired infections. Heart-broken family members and friends protested in their tens of thousands against the system, but there were small changes implemented, as the roots of the rotten system were very powerful.

It is interesting to observe that the World Bank sent funding to Romania after the tragedy. Our question is, was it to genuinely help the nation heal or for purposes of financially powerful individuals and organisations of putting the nation under a bigger layer of influence from world powers and likewise facilitate the implementation of the New World Order? This overall event convinced hundreds of thousands of young people to leave the country, and a study performed in 2017 determined that Romania became the country with the second biggest level of emigration, after Syria.

I recommend people to watch the Collective documentary in order to gain a bigger insight of the events that marked contemporary Romanian history.

Later on, after the owner of Hexi Pharma was arrested and sentenced, he was found dead in a field, and the authorities decided that he died because of suicide. Nevertheless, numerous people doubted that this happened, and this level of public doubt shows a degree of similarity to the level of doubt with regards to Epstein’s death. The rotten roots and features of the system were not addressed, and the problems did not become resolved in the end, despite all the protests. Many of the people who actively challenged the system were secretly taken by authorities and either got unfairly imprisoned or got admitted into mental hospitals. Given the high level of similarity to the actions of the previous political police, it is highly possible that there are many authorities who still act like the communist Security.

In August 2018, many Romanian people in the world organised a mega-protest in the Victory Square of Bucharest to challenge the system and demand a true change. They opposed the history of many powerful officers, who have deep links with the former political police. Official figures show that 300,000 people attended, but the actual numbers may have been as high as 500,000. That day, the riot police was almost as brutal as on the 21st of December 1989, when they beat and tortured numerous anti-communist peaceful protestors. Hundreds of people were admitted into the hospital for injuries. Later, one person was found dead as a result of the harmful effect of tear gas on his respiratory system.

About one year later, a sinister person abducted two teenage girls, one aged 17 and the other 15, and when the second girl called the police for help, authorities were found to have waited for around seven hours at the gate of the perpetrator’s house before entering to act. Yes, you heard this right; they stayed and did nothing for around seven hours before entering the premises of the oppressor’s place. Moreover, the authorities had been aware of the teenage girl’s captivity inside the perpetrator’s house for 19 hours, as she had called the police and asked them for help during the late morning of the previous day. There are some circulating theories that the girl’s disappearance was linked to world powerful trafficking rings, and it is interesting to note that the abduction place was close to the Deveselu NATO shield.  Many people tend to believe this event was linked to a worldwide child trafficking conspiracy theory, given that the authorities blatantly did nothing for such a long time and that the event took place in the same year the most prolific paedophile in the world was found guilty; Jeffrey Epstein.

Right before the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, government officials in Romania attempted to pass a legislation to mandate all the recommended vaccines for babies and children, and thousands of people gathered in the Izvor Park, next to the Parliament building, to show their opposition to such a legislation. Eventually, officials backed down and I believe the protest was important, as there may be different thoughts and ideas to inoculate babies and even fetuses with pathogenic fragments, thereby emphasising on immune components that are more responsible with neurogenesis (i.e. increasing the rate of neuronal production) than neuroprotection (such as Interferon I and III). Rather than double checking that a dozen or more of pathogenic-based inoculations are safe enough for mass administrations, health authorities seem to be pushing forward for more and deeper levels of this sort of repeated immune stimulation, which could negatively influence neuronal development in the end, despite all the official claims that there is no link whatsoever. There should also be a general debate about how vaccinology could be improved to accommodate all young patients by ensuring their neurodevelopmental rates will not be affected in any way.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of families reported that their loved ones who were admitted into hospital for COVID-19 treatment died suspiciously in the ICU, and a number of whistleblowers came forward and stated that the ICU protocols of treatment were killing many people. A number of ICU nurses then came forward anonymously and said that they were contributing to the death of patients. The mainstream media only covered this major scandal once, whilst independent media agencies tried to emphasise upon the severity of the real problem. People who challenged the COVID-19 narrative were found to be detained and often placed into mental hospitals, and once they were placed there, they were forced to take medications that often would alter their mental state. Authorities attempted to remove an influential doctor from her practice because of speaking out against the narrative and treating thousands of COVID-19 patients with a success rate of above 99.5% (unlike the initially projected success rate of 95% of the experimental Pfizer mRNA vaccine), but the public support around her did not allow lies to prevail, and the politically-controlled board of medics could not remove her right to practice medicine.

Please click on translate into English option to translate the following news article from the Romanian language.

Please refer to a previous publication of ours to see an anonymous report of sinister medical malpractice that took place in an important Romanian hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that very likely has no precedent:

During the past two years, a nationalist party named AUR has gained popularity in the country, and there is likely an intention to radicalise the population and bring far-right extremism back to existence. The leader of the party has links with the former president of Romania, Traian Băsescu, who caused unprecedented damages to the economy and the key public-funded institutions. He is a major globalist puppet who is dressed in clothing of patriotism. These individuals trying to stir further hate and division whilst damaging the country from behind, should be exposed for who they are, and we need to understand that the light brings no effort in eliminating darkness.

In a nutshell, members of the former communist establishment in Romania became involved in important areas of world politics and financial administration, and the state of the society became so bad that it is actually likely that there are currently more Romanian people outside of the country than inside. It is possible that the control of the Romanian society represents a major step in the implementation of the New World Order, and that all the past major events were orchestrated with “care” so their plans could come to reality. The more corruption and negative events there are in an area, the higher the implication of the deep state seems to be. The fact that powerful figures in the NATO and UN failed to address this tremendous level of societal suffering in a NATO, UN and EU member shows that the many representatives are bound by certain rules and cannot fully address institutional wrongdoing, and namely deep levels of international and trans-national corruption. The truth is that Romania suffered almost crucifixion-like inner damages, and the international community may or may not have been aware of it. But I believe that we need to fear not and maintain our hopes that the truth will prevail.

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