Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023


There is no such thing as an average person. The current system has brainwashed people like you and me and made us believe we have to prove our gifts that we were already given by the Creator (or Mother Nature for those who do not believe in a personal God). We all have an artistic inner self that needs expression and expresses this need more or less directly, through our daily interactions, longings and dreams.

The truth is that art has created the world and nature. Every single aspect of our existence is based on art and creative thinking. Art reaches even the farthest points in the horizon, the innermost depths of animal instinct. Personally, I believe that art and love are interdependent and very similar, and that every single living organism was made in the image of love, with love and for love. Biology says that we mate to reproduce and fulfil our species. We say that without love, we cannot reproduce and fulfil our species. Without love, life simply and rapidly goes away.

Science represents a by-product of art, which indicates that existence itself is a by-product of art and design. Some people believe it was a direct kind of design that went beyond the laws of nature, through a seven-day rapid creation of the Earth, plants, animals and mankind. Others believe it was indirectly, through an extremely long-term natural process. Personally, I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle and that dimensional relativity and motility were implicated here, and we are not capable to imagine the point where everything started because we simply cannot see where that point is in the history of matter. Remember, matter cannot be created, nor destroyed in this dimensional spot and so, the creation of matter was only possible either through an extra-dimensional intervention or through a continuous inter-dimensional movement. We should understand each other’s unique talents and gifts rather than judging each other for different perspectives of life because none of us know the exact truth.

Nowadays, society is based on pyramid schemes. Corruption, deceit, unhealthy financial interests and unhealthy competitions for resources are everywhere. People are using modern concepts of the social Darwinian theory to justify their passivity to the unprecedented levels of injustice and harm done in the name of natural selection. Happily, more and more people are now waking up, exposing the truth and making important changes from within. The masses are now starting to see the truth and are questioning the narrative imposed by a corrupt establishment that have been developing the same old ways to manipulate them. The people are evolving on a psychological and an unseen level, and are definitely understanding the great need for simplicity. We have been dissociated from Mother Nature, and now She is calling us back to reconnect with Her.

Once people understand and internalise the truth, they will rise up, open up the top of the corrupt pyramid schemes that have been dominating the society and then, they will truly have the power. I know for some of us, it sometimes seems like we have been running in circles, been played repeatedly and put back in square one, but the reality is that we have been making two steps forward and one step backward each day. The results may not seem evident for a while and so, believing in the cause and being persistent and wiser day by day will help humanity win in the end. Let us carry on liberating the world!

What has been happening today in Canberra, Australia, could be part of a symbolic move involving a great liberation from the societal pyramid scheme we have been living in for centuries. A pyramid scheme turning into an open trapezoid scheme, and a force called the Great Wisdom implementing and protecting real democracy.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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