Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

This is the latest message from international lawyer Reiner Fullmich, who is coordinating the largest trial in history against governments and companies guilty of crimes against humanity. Do not believe the propaganda and disinformation being fed to us by the media. In India and Africa, Bill Gates will not be able to escape trial for his deadly and sterilising vaccines. The first dominoes will fall and they will try everything to infect as many people as possible. Resist! Nothing forces you to extend your arm. Material considerations are secondary and temporary.


The video is in German with French subtitles, and I’ve added the English translation below.

English translation:

“Staying strong is essential. Staying strong under pressure is even more essential. Because, as has been confirmed by numerous psychologists and psychiatrists, we are being subjected to a massive psychological attack.Its first aim is to make us feel insecure, to destabilize and disorient us so that we finish by accepting everything we’re told.

No. Do not consent to anything! The fact remains that if we get off the board, those on the other side will go where they came from: They’ll take the elevator straight back to hell, without any intermediary stops.

There is also some good news! Besides the news that our committee is being bombarded, that the “Die Basis” party, which could and will be the spokesperson or the platform for much of the movement, is being bombarded, something else is happening. At the end of the year, we are going to put into place – I won’t give details at this time, but at the end of the year – an international tribunal with real judges, real prosecutors, real lawyers, real witnesses, real experts. It will take place in several episodes, so it will always be possible to ask questions and express your opinion in the meantime. Another meeting took place regarding this subject, and our Indian colleague Dipali Ohja, ever joyful and efficient, told us and sent documents to back it up. we will talk more in detail with her on the subject next time, but we already wanted to share this news in advance, because it’s good. Bill Gates will be properly prosecuted.

The Indians and Africans, as we heard again yesterday, learned the hard way, faster, who we’re dealing with, than we here in Western Europe, where we still believe they’re philanthropists or something of the like. It’s not the case. They are assassins.

The Indians know it and that’s why they are attacking now.”

One thought on “Reiner Fullmich’s message: Stay strong, resist this psychological attack because their end is near”
  1. UK has International Criminal Court case number for Covid Vaccine crimes against humanity
    The covid vaccines are a murder weapon. Criminal investigation in progress with UK Metropolitan Police and International Criminal Court.
    By Truthseeker January 18, 2022
    Constable Steve Winn at Market Harborough Police Station receives notification of criminal investigation into covid vaccines.
    ‘This is potentially the beginning of the World’s largest criminal investigation and it will never end’ – Dr Sam White
    Here is a transcript of the dialogue in the video:

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