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Personally, I do not share the belief system of Buddhism, although I have observed that there is a large of truth in the “Everything is inter-connected.” statement. And one foundational problem very likely results in the development and fortification of many of the mainstream societal problems we are currently facing. We naturally tend to choose darkness over light, and one important reason is that we are curious about what we cannot see fully, and we tend to gravitate toward diverse kinds of unknown, including ones that are ultimately bad and dangerous, just as we tend to fall down as a result of gravity. We have to be like small fish in a small river; to very often go against its flow so we will not end up in greater rivers, where greater fish can eat us. In other words, a life of complete comfort leads us nowhere, but a life of good suffering and effort to help ourselves and people around us leads to a better world.

Understanding that we are, by default, subject to a gravity toward dangerous kinds of unknown and that it is us who require to make conscious efforts to go against such a flaw is a must in order to internalise important facts about the society and to promote real change. We are in the state that we are because we are focusing too much on life comforts rather than on how good suffering – a kind of suffering that results in good change – is necessary to preserve the meaning of life. Moreover, we as freedom fighters are dealing with a strong challenge of keeping our thinking positive whilst learning about the negative factual patterns in the world. Because we are attracted to negativity by default, it always takes an extra-dimensional approach to reach a positive mindset (as in, to actively think and feel outside of the box). In a number of philosophies and religions, this is regarded to as a fight between the flesh and the spirit; the flesh pushing one’s soul toward negativity and the spirit pushing one’s soul toward positivity. And our wills certainly are broken by the divided desires, but discerning true, long-term desire, from false, short-term desire, helps us hold our wills fast to the positive side.

The elites not only are completely aware of this massive internal struggle to hold fast to positivity and positive tendencies, but they are using this to divide the masses by means of the insertion of people and ideologies that constitute as false opposition. “The enemy within” is not some isolate and fictional story, but an everyday kind of reality. My advice to the readers of this blog is not to trust everything at first, even if an idea seems to be absolutely on point, because the enemy operates by throwing more or fewer points of common sense into the conversation, as a trap for many to enter. Acquiring cognitive and emotional intelligence, alongside wisdom, helps one discern such traps without unnecessary effort. In other words, the only challenge should be to acquire the necessary skills not to play into the hands of the powerful.

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A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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