Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

The current extent of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is concerning for the general public, but the world government overlords are probably seeing it as a voluminous opportunity to usher in their desired new world order, by destroying the old system and creating a new one, all by means of fear and control. In case of a more generalised conflict, it is the internet and important databases that will be the most vulnerable, on both sides of the conflict. We ought to remember that during the last World War, there was no technology or internet, and so we simply do not know the extent to which the internet will be affected when the military conflict in Ukraine will extend. This represents a major opportunity for the world overlords to preserve their power and credibility, potentially by having evidence collected against them deleted “due to an unknown group of hackers that started massive cyber-attacks”. Klaus Schwab “warned” us during the pandemic that a “cyber-pandemic” would affect the world much more than the SARS-CoV-2 virus, almost sounding like a threat that the public will suffer massively as a result of politically-motivated conflicts that involve the internet. Moreover, cyber-attacks of such kind would also severely disrupt transport, electricity, heat, as well as the distribution of food and water, meaning that life on Earth would be unprecedently affected and many people could consequently die following this sort of a cyber-conflict.

I would like to bring a reminder that, in case the internet will be massively affected by this projected cyber-attack, it will be evidence collected against the corrupt establishment, such as one published on We Accuse, that will likely be erased like it was never published in the first place. The levels of indifference, lack of solidarity and pathological ignorance is very concerning for the current ages, and I fear for our future, should the people not wake up before it is too late. The evidence that we publish here could be distributed by many independent journalists in the world and in a manner that will make it impossible for the mainstream media to ignore. The more the public takes the information and distributes it out there, the less able the overlords will be to delete such information, as the Soviets used to physically cancel people and influential figures or politicians who opposed the Soviet system.

This is a desperate call for all our readers to do more; to share our posts to independent journalists and go as far as to post our important data on the streets for people to analyse and draw their personal conclusion. We are also encouraging hard-working people and students to become independent journalists and speak the truth to the best of their ability. Distribute all peer-reviewed scientific papers, articles, journal and book chapters that mention clear-cut evidence against the public health measures and approaches enforced by the WHO and WEF-abiding health authorities. Form groups with people who have similar ideas and start brainstorming for innovative methods to restore democracy on all societal levels. If only a few of us do something to oppose this sinister agenda of the powerful to rule over the world by means of passive-aggressive tyranny, then we will lose. Dear readers and visitors, it is also you who have to pay unjustifiable bills and unaffordable prices to eat your daily bread, and so we humbly believe this call is in your best interest. It is also many of you who were unjustifiably forced psychologically to undertake an experimental medical procedure and who witnessed your children being administered this experimental vaccine without any ability to prevent this from happening. It is many of you who witnessed your vaccinated loved ones die mysteriously and your cry for the truth to come out has been repeatedly ignored by the corrupt mainstream media. Please do not let humanity die; I know we can do much more than this! Left-wing politics will not save us, right-wing politics will not save us, the West will not save us, the East will not save us, the military will not save us, intelligence agencies will not save us, freemasonry and the other secret societies will not save us, false opposition influencers will not save us, and always letting others do things for us will not save us. True discernment, humility, creativity, hard-work, UNCONDITIONAL INITIATIVE and unconditional love will save us from this projected disaster that is awaiting the almost-eight billion of us. The rest is nothing else but a distraction and a deception that was set so most people will do nothing about it.

We need millions of people to join and support us with any kind of evidence that is useful for the enlightenment of the human mind and heart. In order for the Truth to prevail on Earth, Love has to penetrate all layers of the physical life. We are also in a process of healing and so, we ought to accept our default mistaking so we can correct ourselves in love and collectively rebuild a society we have always wished to have; an actual rebuilding of society and not a false rebuilding promoted via the “Great Reset”.

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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