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There is a circulating theory that the Fukushima disaster in 2011 has already started to cause forms of Acute Radiation Syndrome around the world. The theory is based on the evidence that the Fukushima disaster is worse than the Chernobyl one, that it will be affecting the Earth for potentially 100 years, and that it has significant negative impacts upon animals and the fauna. It was mentioned for numerous times that certain effects of the disaster will be irreversible. Likewise, it is very possible that some kind of radiation-induced disease or set of diseases will be circulating around the world, maybe even for decades.

Symptoms of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) include inflammation of upper and lower respiratory tracts, shortness of breath, fever, loss of smell and taste happening regardless of whether the nose becomes blocked or not, headaches and dizziness. More severe cases involve the onset of pneumonia, cytokine storm and multi-systemic inflammation. In other words, the symptomatology is often very similar to the one of COVID-19, and we are wondering whether cases of Acute Radiation Syndrome perhaps have started to infiltrate the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (Rios et al, 2021), given that a number of patients who developed COVID-19 around the world experienced a more significant loss of hair as well, for example. The trickiest commonality between COVID-19 and Acute Radiation Syndrome is that the lung injury morbidity caused by both disorders can be significantly mitigated using inhibitors of the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) (L. Cerezo and M. M. i Garau, 2012). Likewise, because of the visible commonalities between COVID-19 and ARS, we believe that certain methods of treatment developed for ARS could apply for COVID-19, and vice versa.

Since the PCR testing procedures have often implicated a higher number of DNA amplification cycles (i.e. 40-45 cycles, instead of a maximum of 30), there has often been high incidences of false-positive results and, as Dr. Kary Mullis once said, if the PCR testing involves too many cycles of DNA amplification, it can detect anything. With regards to radiation poisoning, animal experiments showed that microRNAs were dilated after every round of radiation poisoning and, we might therefore start wondering whether the erroneously-performed PCR tests detected the dilated microRNAs, and not viral mRNA. With the peculiarly similar symptoms displayed by COVID-19 and radiation poisoning of the respiratory tract, such an incidence cannot be ruled out.

Moreover, the implemented 5G technology around the world has come with risks that are again not being discussed on the mainstream scientific platforms. Risks typically involve the onset of cancer, an increased rate of oxidative stress, DNA damage, changes in the structure and function of the reproduction apparatus, neurological disease and they overall bring a negative impact upon the general wellbeing of people. As a result of oxidative stress and higher affinity to disease, the immune system can be weakened, which will automatically become weaker in front of pathogens, like the novel coronavirus. This may become a co-morbidity of people and make the respiratory disease more dangerous.

The solution to COVID-19, Acute Radiation Syndrome and induced pathogenesis due to 5G radiation implementation is mostly of the same kind: a general improvement of natural immunity and its training to tackle pathogens with developed abilities to suppress the synthesis of immune components that interfere with the ability of pathogens to multiply and spread to neighbouring tissues. Moreover, filling the environment with sounds of higher frequencies could play a visible part in protection against harmful radiation, and applications of principles of Nikola Tesla’s discoveries and research into electricity-based therapy could repair damaged and destroyed olfactory nerves, restoring the sense of smell and taste. By improving what constitutes the hidden power of the immune system, we may effectively and eventually heal the physical wounds of the world, by forming immune cells, such as natural killer cells, macrophages, lymphocytes, as well as antibodies and a complement system of particularly high quality. For this, we have one only duty: to believe. By believing, we will reach a good outcome, we open ourselves to the possibility of improvement, and Mother Nature will be more able to provide us with more than what we need.



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