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Once upon a time, the central powers governing the Earth reached new levels of corruption. The manipulation of truth and avarice became more powerful and perfidious than before. An increasing number of people saw the lies and started opposing it. The powerful knew it and developed psychological approaches to divide the opposition into factions and radicalize them afterward. The powerful sent infiltrates into each faction, who became known founders of ideologies and leaders that later were disputed as tyrannical. How would that be possible, since the intention often looked good at first? Well, the saying “The road to hell is often paved with good intentions” is certainly true, and it may be that a lack of discernment that came hand in hand with an imperfect moral vision led to the development of reactionary tyrannies. All was performed in the name of the common good and for national wellbeing, but these were only pretexts used to usher in sinister political agendas. The created socio-political factions eventually became havens for the most extremist ideological movements in human history, and it is the involvement of both the powerful and pawns that created such reactionary movements that contributed to such historic levels of crimes against humanity. And many of such pawns used “patriotism”, “religiosity” and “spirituality” very often in their language, whilst deceiving the masses.

What was the outcome of such reactionary battleground? Widespread wars, political oppression, crimes against humanity and gross violations of the rule of democracy. We tend to say that, afterward, we were brought back to square one, but it is likely that many of us actually gained important knowledge; that deception comes even after the first important steps of awakening. Deception tries to abduct people especially when they see what is happening with the worldwide establishment. In Christianity, the evil one is referred to as the prince of the air, meaning that he controls the world, and that his deception is often not visible by random, just as air is invisible. And the powerful are slaves to the evil one, who once was shown to have far more wisdom than Prophet Daniel. It is, I believe, important to know that the devil used to be the most powerful and wise Angel of God before his fall. Likewise, his deception can go to extremely deep levels of the human psyche, and the deceived often do not realize they are deceived, even when many people start to notice the deception clearly. Hence, this explains why preserving discernment and the integrity of moral vision is critical in society and this analogy may explain why communism, fascism and nazism came about in the way they did during the beginning and middle of the 20th century. An important reason why all of them were preserved is probably that all sides used the excuse that the world rulers and bankers had this planned conspiracy to perfidiously bring an ultimate control to the rest of humanity. Of course, the ways the left and right-wing extremists saw this conspiracy are different. Moreover, the fact that communists, fascists and nazis used “nationalism” many times in their vocabulary shows how deception can influence as much those who say they love their own country.

As Romania now commemorates the anti-communist revolt that occurred in December 1989, in which thousands of people died whilst peacefully protesting for freedom, we shall ask ourselves, are we collectively making sure that history will not repeat itself, or that it will not bring even more amplified versions of repeated negative events? It all truly depends upon each and every one of us.

A call to full awakening

The truth, dear audience, is that it is very, very difficult to take back the full democratic control in front of an establishment that likely has been controlled by the “prince of the air”, and if we do not base our actions upon realising our own mistakes and corruption, then it is much better for us to admit defeat and do our regular activity. Many people tried to take back control in flawed ways, not by cleansing themselves first and then addressing societal corruption, and as a result, they became consumed by negativity in diverse ways. It is important to know that Christianity refers the Antichrist as a person who will first appear as a very kind man, and spiritual figures warned that he will be accepted by many without a slight form of opposition. We do not need to oppose the corrupt powerful with force, just as light does not require force to eliminate darkness from a room. Instead, we need to pull through the end of the required awakening in order to actually make this world the place we all at least once dreamt of. Negativity cannot infiltrate or influence positivity, and any infiltration of negativity into a specific current makes it fully bound to negativity. Our crucial mission is to learn about the foundations of all negativity on Earth, and we can only do that with the full inspiration of positivity in order for us not to be touched by the fiery arrows of negativity.

Please refer to the “hurricane” analogy I mentioned in a previous post, and let us be fully prepared before attempting to make society a better place;

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