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There is good news to share with all our readers; an increasing number of lawyers and judges around the world are now putting significant efforts, not only in putting a legal stop to the COVID-19 and the universal living crisis, which has mainly been artificially induced, but in seeking to bring full justice to all the institutional and trans-institutional wrongdoing that has been performed in the name of preserving the common good. Moreover, increasing amounts of evidence against the corrupt establishment have been gathered and distributed for the general public to see. Likewise, this is the time to keep our guards up and spread the truth to everybody around us. We do not need the army or former politicians to “save” us, but we need to pour the truth into the massive depths of our beings and to outnumber the institutional and ideological wrongdoers without unnecessary efforts. The power ultimately goes to the people, and not to opposition political parties or opposition law and order enforcement agents. Likewise, if we are looking for someone to blame for all the suffering that has been taking place, we sadly need to look in the mirror first.

The next stage of the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 is expected to take place in January 2023, and I believe it is essential that the general public is fully aware of such events, especially during an age where the general direction of the public opinion may be easily manipulated via the mainstream media and social media. At the same time, we need to see that it is the people who are the ultimate judges and that it is the people who have the ultimate power to make positive changes without waiting until January next year. All the politicians, financial leaders, journalists, doctors and nurses who misinformed the public and contributed to the manipulation of opinion to the extent of convincing them that an experimental and controversial medical act will almost certainly not cause them harm should be held accountable and pay the price accordingly, and ultimately, it is the public who can make this happen, without any sort of unnecessary complications. An increasing number of people are crying out for justice for their loved ones who died or had their health state permanently altered due to the experimental vaccines, medical compounds and draconian lockdowns respectively. Public hospital patients around the world were given medical compounds without their consent, children were offered the experimental COVID-19 injections without their parents’ consent and the brutal “policing” of the anti-lockdown protests took place without the consent of the people. In other words, the Nuremberg Code, the Convention of Oviedo and other essential measures to protect the freedom of choice and circulation of the general public have been blatantly breached, in a widespread manner.

In order for us to be fully awake, we need to perform our due diligence on the core foundations of the corruption in the world, and the truth is that the sources of such modern-day problems are not pretty at all. We ought to look up methods that corrupt leaders of powerful intelligence agencies used to divert public opinion into the wrong direction and how they used incompetent and obedient intelligence agents in order to implement their desired political agendas. For example, they dominated the food industry and then heavily promoted foods based upon genetically-modified organisms and synthetic compounds. We and our descendants will be what we eat, and we ought to apprehend the complexity of the nature vs nurture argument, which highlights significantly powerful effects from both genetics and the environment. Not to mention the severe multi-generational autisation process that has been caused by excess technology, junk food, the vaccination of babies aged 0-2 for dozens of times and the lack of proper tools and research to prevent maternal infection during pregnancy, as well as the infection of babies aged 0-2, who are in critical stages of neuro-immunological development. Our society is currently broken on incredibly deep levels, and most of us are not even realising it!

Let’s talk about how the CIA manipulated the will of numerous American people to start a revolution in the 1960s, by turning such a projected movement into a “sexual revolution”, shall we? Well, during the 1960s, American people started waking up because President John F. Kennedy started mentioning truths about the actual nature of the system and how secret societies were in charge and had controversial plans of changing the order of power in the American society. Furthermore, the same president of the USA prevented an escalation of the cold war that would have brought the world into a third general war and worked with lawyers like James Donovan to negotiate the exchange of war prisoners and communicate with the USSR president by means of calming diplomatic tensions down. An increasing number of American people started realising that there was a class of powerful trans-national organisations, which significantly controlled the CIA, and which had in their plans the implementation of a regime worldwide that would at least have many elements from communism. We may regard this as the projected “New World Order” by corporate giants and the World Economic Forum. The CIA then silently changed the perception of many American people, making them believe they just needed a liberation of their physical needs and attractions in order to be free again as a society. People should already have been equal in dignities and human rights, no matter their differences, and such powerful agencies like the CIA would have protected equality in human rights and dignities by the 19th century if it had been in their interest to do so.

Now, certain aspects require clarification. This does not constitute a speech that supports the discrimination of minorities in any way. People should have the same human rights and dignities, no matter what romantic and physical orientations, as well as what gender they identify with. This constitutes a speech that exposes the opportunistic methods corrupt CIA leaders used to keep people stuck into the matrix. Such leaders most likely did not care about the human rights of people identifying as LGBTQ+, just as they never cared about world peace and the fact that three out of four people who were shot by the American army in Iraq were innocent civilians, according to leaks by Julian Assange. The same is with privacy of the world private citizens; the CIA would have respected the privacy of the people via their electronic devices, had it been in their interest. But the fact that Edward Snowden was ruthlessly chased for arrest and political imprisonment just for exposing the fact that billions of the world inhabitants had their personal details tracked via their devices by the CIA and the NSA. Well, we know that once we start trading freedom for security, we will lose both. Hence, in order to preserve our full awakening, we ought to look at the core foundations of our modern-day societal problems.

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They have controlled absolutely all aspects of our lives, hence there is the “matrix” name. The same happens with the corporate law and how it has brought common law into submission by means of manipulating facts. Because they were responsible with creating the corporate law, they can manipulate the situation and get away with unprecedented levels of institutional crime, even if it is obvious to the public. Nowadays, evil does seem to be hidden in plain sight and good men seem to be so weak in front of these powerful wrongdoers, although it is ultimately the truth that empowers the people and brings victory against tyranny. If we wish to bring full justice on Earth, we need to study the pathologically intelligent ways the establishment has been using to escape justice, just as viruses are capable of killing people because they have been using intelligent methods of immune evasion and that the research communities have not paid enough attention to such a crucial detail.

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Also, there needs to be a thorough study about what exact steps the establishment may have been planning in their “New World Order” set of agendas. Well, the actions of corporate giants and political super-powers behind the world stage have been making step-by-step changes in society for several decades in order for many people not to detect their plans and express their opposition. The principal method of operation is an induced, biological hyper-selection of a few members of mankind, via a gradual, but severe process of societal autization (inducing an exponential growth in the number of cases of autism and number of forms of the disease that are severe, all over more generations). They have truly played Mother Nature by pushing junk and genetically-modified food, intoxicated air in big cities, excess technology, programming of 2D thinking and emotion, spread of the disease of promiscuity, as well as excessive and part-erroneous immunisation approaches for members of society that are in critical stages of neuro-immunological development, given the firm link between immunological and neurological developments and consequently, induced impairment of important neurogenesis rates (formation of neurons) that is caused by prior induced excessive rates of neurogenesis. Unlike Type I and III Interferons, which tend only to have neuroprotective activities whilst displaying immunising effects from the cellular level by simulating pathogenic infection inside cells and stimulating a more robust development of first-line immune defences, the majority of cytokines and immune cells play a bi-directional role with regards to the influence of neuronal production (neurogenesis). With regards to the low-quality foods and drinks that nearly all members of society have been exposed to, including babies and young children, please read about the Malthusianism and Cornucopianism ideologies that have been pushed into society by corporate giants. Natural selection cannot be natural anymore if it is influenced by artificial factors. As a result, if we continue in this path, the majority of people in the world will end up in a precarious psychological state, with a significant loss of behavioural and even cognitive control, and sadly, many will die in the process. This societal crash will be like none seen before, and there will also be a new moral low-point in mankind’s history. Namely, out of about eight billion people on Earth, only around 50-100 million will survive, depending on the extent of societal compliance with the matrix. The few who will survive will have super-human traits and this is how a new societal order will emerge. And the purpose of this forced selection is that the ones who remain will have become like the elites. Humans will seem to be in a better state before the end of human life on Earth, given that it is only natural selection that improves life, and not artificially-induced selection. The most important cause of this forced selection may really be the fact that young children are and will be fully exposed to these effects, and it is young children whose regional and sub-regional brain developmental rates will be affected the most as a result.

The good news is that we can still change the course of events by fully reconnecting with Nature and re-embracing true natural selection, but we have to act quickly to prevent the induction of a total societal chaos and even destruction, which could start taking place by 2050 or even earlier.

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Before we finish this publication, we would like to offer a bonus to some of our readers who are more interested in studying theories in which there is a more hidden desire of populational harm behind the current world leadership.

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