Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
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This is just a quick post to bring our readers’ attention to the growing and very serious concerns about excess all-cause mortality data and population level info about live births.

Everyone in a highly-‘vaccinated’ country or state, is experiencing the signs of high levels of staff-sickness absenteeism, funerals and other related health-issues in our communities. Dr John Campbell in the UK – with a large following now and despite heavy self-censorship – seems more and more determined to get the message out there: these injections are NOT safe and NOT effective, and never were. The typical British sarcastic sense of humour (“sorry, I seem to have forgotten”) seems a dark way for him to be forced into conveying the message, but anything presented around the facts is better than nothing. And still there is silence from MSM.

Here is a summary of the recent Substack articles and podcasts about the specific issue of catastrophic reduction in live births data from a variety of (de-platformed) multi-disciplinary experts.

And here is the image of the graph that speaks louder than any words of the shock that awaits those who haven’t been following anything outside mainstream media:


graph showing 72% drop in live births in Australia compared to 5 year average
Source: Dr Jessica Rose

Whether this injection was originally intended as population control or not, seems academic. Looking at the evidence, the outcomes are clear.

We await the most recent data and from other countries, with continued anxiety.

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