Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

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The level of our unnecessary suffering has exponentially increased in the past few years, and we are now starting to pay a major price for our indifference and ignorance of good morals. The inflation rate in the UK has now crossed 11%, which is a historic high, and by Christmas, many more thousands of people are projected to become homeless in Britain alone. In contrast, society is starting to bear the burden of a mass experimental vaccine, as well as the mental health effects of previous draconian lockdowns. The public healthcare sectors are also facing an unprecedented crisis of patient treatment and peculiar processes of privatisation, and there are accusations that governments are cutting the availability of local foods without a rational explanation. Scientific research has suffered major levels of political and corporate interference, censorship and bias, which led to the suppression of discoveries that could save millions of lives and even prolong the average lifespan of mankind in the following decades. Furthermore, numerous University students have also experienced major levels of loss due to the non-sensical approaches of online education, which covered even areas of clinical science. The level of student outrage in the United Kingdom has risen to the degree that Universities are risking facing legal obligations to pay an average of £5,000 per student for the teacher strikes and the lack of action to reduce the price of online school. What is the overall solution so the world population will truly experience a restoration of wellbeing and happiness?

It is all simple. We need to get out, communicate with one another, eliminate the ideological “colours” and march together for one day, to send a message to all institutional wrongdoers and profiteurs that we are not tolerating their schemes any longer. We need to fill the avenues of big cities, allow all representatives of communities and participants alike to peacefully have their say and also to brainstorm ideas of societal reforms together. Where there are significant disagreements, there should be peaceful debates with sound arguments and patience of the listeners, in order for people to be able to truly resonate with one another. The whole objective of such a movement should be the protection of all fundamental human rights of all people on Earth. Likewise, I am asking the readers of this blog, as a graduate in scientific academia, to share this message to people from all ages and backgrounds and to help organise a mega-march for the restoration of all our human rights, responsibilities and liberties. The level of human suffering should be ignored no longer, and any effort for people to join factions that are divisive in nature should be condemned at this point. We demand no war, no corporate injustice, no monopolisation of half-truths, no biased journalism, no fear of corrupt moguls and no poverty! We demand that small businesses and local people are listened to carefully and that their demands will be implemented with no delay! We are supposed to live in a democracy, and not in a corporate authoritarianism or fascism! Individual and collective freedoms can never be traded for security without facing the consequences of losing such freedoms afterward. This is not how reality works, no matter how heated counter-arguments in the mainstream media may be. The most important kinds of freedoms are the freedom to live and the freedom to provide for oneself.

And please ignore any call for disruption or damage to property or to the premises of big corporations! All we need to do is to peacefully send a message to the powerful and to plan a common strategy of true democratization and facilitation of nature-friendly progress ahead. The time has come for all of us to raise our moral consciousnesses and to look for our loved ones, friends, neighbours and the rest of the people we encounter every day.

Please leave a comment to this post and mention how and when you would like such a day of public opposition to occur. And most importantly, please speak the truth without any fear.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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