Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The ongoing and quite honestly, bizarrely shallow criticism from the Breggins about Prof Desmet’s new book The Psychology of Totalitarianism, reached new lows today, when Breggin decided to post an article personally defaming Desmet, claiming he is (predictably) controlled opposition and furthermore has somehow illegally been involved in the release of a murderer. Jeez, I could hardly bear to plough my way through the pathetic words he wrote – how much time did he waste on this nonsense?

As I have written about before on this site, Desmet’s book is incredibly multi-disciplinary, and his thesis forms a crucial part of helping us understand what the hell is going on in our society. The author doesn’t claim to have all the answers (far from it), but he does confirm the reasons why it is so important to keep speaking truth. The fact that Breggin was critical of Desmet, in an interview with Austin-Fitts, before going on to write about Desmet in this way, apparently avoiding any offer to publicly or privately discuss his concerns directly, speaks volumes about what kind of ‘expert’ Breggin is. He has embarrassed himself in this shameful tirade and risks his reputation for past, credible work in helping mental health patients with informed consent.

Dr Robert Malone, always the calming, thoughtful influence in interviews I’ve seen, explained in his latest Substack, the dilemma his new friend Desmet is in, including the spill-over into his own work and mental wellbeing. These expert individuals, like Desmet and Malone, and many others whose names we have got to know well over the past two years (unlike Breggin), who speak truth to power, and risk their careers (and maybe even their lives), as well as the safety and security of their own families, deserve all the support they can get. What Breggin is engaged in now, is not only unhelpful, it is spiteful, childish and harmful to the whole Freedom Movement. Why would Breggin be doing this? Apparently, says Malone there some financial motives and conflicts of interest at play. Always there are those who want to exploit a crisis, and maybe Breggin is one of those. The sad thing is, he has been a victim of harassment and censorship himself, in the past, because of his ‘controversial’ views – like many bullies, he seems to feel it necessary to inflict that same harm on others.

Fear and hate are negative, harmful emotions, that we need to consciously reject.

None of us are fighting this war to win friends or make money. Those who genuinely care for each other and for humanity’s future, are willing to sacrifice time, money and sleep to get the truth out there. My advice to the elderly Breggins is go plant some tomatoes or work in a food bank to support families in need. We have enough fear-mongering from MSM – we definitely don’t want your words of fear and hate in our world now, or in the new freedom-loving future we are building.

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