Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

First of all, I wish to express my solidarity with the family of Eric Levy, a 94-year old man who died in the UCL hospital on the 20th of July 2022 after having been denied food and water for three days. Reports say that he had gone to the hospital for a local inflammation on his head and that his health state became progressively worse not because of his medical condition, but because of the way doctors treated him. At some point, he was put on a “nil-by-mouth” pathway on a day that was known as the hottest in recent British history, meaning that he was not allowed to eat or drink water, under the claim that such a pathway would make the patient feel better. The “nil-by-mouth” pathway was ordered by Dr Catherine Harvey 13 weeks after Eric Levy had been admitted to the hospital for simple investigations of a head injury. A “nil-by-mouth” pathway implicates prohibiting the patient from eating and drinking water as part of a significant form of treatment.

After the admission of Eric Levy into the UCL Hospital, the patient constantly told the doctors he wanted to stay out of the hospital, but they kept him and gave him false promises. After several weeks of false reassurances and eventually, the administration of sedative substances into his body, he was put into this radical pathway of treatment. Three days went by and sadly, the elderly patient passed away. Since this tragedy took place, small groups of protestors gathered in front of the UCL hospital weekly to decry medical corruption and wrongful pathways of treatment in which many elderly people are put into, often without their prior consent. This constitutes a clear violation of the Convention from Oviedo, whose discussion determined that patients must not to receive medical treatment without their consent. Protestors have been accusing Andrew Sabitsky of having eugenistic views and Dr. Rob George of past medical malpractice, and these two individuals shaped the policies of palliative care in the hospital where Eric Levy died as a result of the induced progressive weakening of his organism, as well as starvation and thirst during the hottest day in modern British history.

This sort of incidence is not uncommon in Britain and Europe. During the pandemic, a significant number of whistleblowers from care homes and hospitals in Britain mentioned that many elderly patients were given higher dosages of midazolam than necessary, which led to their death. Besides this, hospitals in the isles and across Europe followed generalistic and very often miscontextual protocols imposed by the WHO, which led to the death of many thousands of people who could otherwise have been saved. Sadly, the overall health systems have been through a process of collapse and, as a result, they have had growing swamps of corruption behind the curtains, despite massive funding via public tax. Not only millions of people in Britain alone are still on the waiting lists for treatment of their underlying health conditions, but numerous people who manage to receive treatment end up having the wrong kind of treatment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous reports around the world stated that the COVID-19 treatment directives from the WHO were very often wrong and imposed onto patients, resulting in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths overall. Likewise, we are currently facing a large medical crisis, and there are political agendas of privatising health systems. I may understand some desires to privatise institutions by means of becoming more independent from governments, but how is it possible to psychologically force the privatisation and capitalisation of essential healthcare during times that are deemed as the most challenging in the entire modern history? This is not some form of ignorance, but rather an evil plot to further deny people the fundamental human rights of health and ultimately, of life.

We need to stand up against this gross level of medical malpractice that is happening so often in the world, lest we will witness our grandparents and grand-grandparents falling victims to murderers in doctors’ clothing. We need to stand up, not to point fingers to the health community, but to empower the good doctors and help them expose corrupt hospital managers and save lives. Today it may be a number of elderly and vulnerable people that many of us do not know directly, and tomorrow it may be the grandparents and grand-grandparents many of us know!

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