Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

In an internal report from the WHO, leaked by an insider in Geneva, Switzerland, on 23 December, on a private Telegram channel, the head of the organization is called to “show objectivity and find sanity”.

Several people within the organization call for taking advantage of the reduced dangerousness of Omicron – which emerged due to massive vaccination selecting important mutations on the peak protein.

Here is a translation of the internal report:

“In conclusion, it therefore seems unreasonable to think that a mass vaccination intervention targeted on this new variant of SARS-CoV-2 is justifiable for two main reasons:

The first is the risk of shifting the selective pressure towards some of Omicron’s many poorly understood mutations that could favor the emergence of much more dangerous variants, and the second is that a passive-attentive approach can finally foster the emergence of ‘Potential herd immunity, which requires the immediate cessation of all vaccination indiscriminately among groups.”

According to the WHO insider, the “vaccine strategy issue has always been two-fold. The first stage leads to the emergence of extremely contagious variants, capable of escaping the ineffective and unsustainable immunity of vaccines while benefiting from an exceptional pool of mutations – we have been talking about it here since the end of 2020 already – then secondly, the emergence of a descendant of this “unstoppable” variant which would end up becoming more dangerous because of an innate immunity incapable of acting, in competition with a mediocre acquired immunity, which would occupy a large part of the population.

The 1st stage is now behind us. Omicron could be a way out, on the condition of stopping everything and especially not attacking it head-on with a new generation of anti-Omicron vaccines, which would inevitably lead to the 2nd stage, the one that we absolutely want to avoid.”

More and more people at the WHO are also convinced of this.

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