Sun. Jun 4th, 2023


In the past 2 years and a half, worldwide executive powers performed record harmful acts against their own citizens, and the mainstream journalistic agencies not only watched the events occur, but supported the actions of such governments. Draconian measures caused people to die because of record levels of depression and loneliness, and then governments often forced millions of people to receive an injection with an mRNA that instructs healthy cells to produce highly toxic glycoproteins, which have multi-lateral high pathological effects, and which was shown in a study to have genetic origins from the HIV-1 virus, meaning that certain fragments of the mRNA can be inserted into the DNA and result in mutation and many times, in the onset of cancerous tumours. Such actions represent an important factor to the causation of the major suffering as a result of injection-related adverse events. Thousands upon thousands of people suddenly became ill and died, often in their sleep, leaving their loved ones and close friends in deep grief. Furthermore, a study was published, confirming that the phenomenon of vaccine shedding is real and dangerous, and many people then came forward to witness to other members of the public that vaccine shedding significantly affected them or their loved ones. Also, the “Died Suddenly” documentary was published and within a few weeks, there have been up to 30 million views accumulated so far, despite significant efforts from more or less known parties to tamper with its accessibility online. Despite the record number of people acknowledging the unprecedented crimes against humanity that have taken place during the past 2 years and around 8 months, the journalists that were meant to support public interest have shown no sign of a return of focus toward the real situation. On behalf of the We Accuse team, I condemn such gross misconduct in mainstream journalism and I ask people to peacefully and lawfully take the matter to the next level. It is now clear that we are not being listened to, and that the barrier of censorship is less penetrable than previously thought.

Our inaction is fueling their anti-democratic action

Let us make our voice heard and take it to the streets, in front of the informational institutions that are supposed to report the core of the public interests! We have reasons to believe that their misinformation is equivalent to an act of informational war against the public. We are aware of the rather high likelihood that the powerful branches of secret services have not been working for the best interest of the general public and have allowed misinformation perpetuated by the mainstream media to flow like a major cascade. We acknowledge the fact that there needs to be no political secrecy, nor powerful secret societies, in a place where citizens are private and governments are public. I personally believe that Eastern Europeans are capable of delivering a full lecture on secret service abuse, given the four decades of tyranny that occurred in the past century. It is clear that the majority of world populations is aware of the establishment level of corruption and of suppression of the free flow of essential information. Unlike past situations, where corruption affected the people less directly, now we are talking about many people who have been murdered by the politico-medical organizations, including children and elderly people. This is equivalent to the communist army shooting innocent people in the Eastern European bloc during the onset of the stalinist regimes, and the shooting took place at a different level here.

We demand an immediate dialogue between mainstream journalists and prepared members of the public.

  • We demand an immediate televised debate and justice for the people who have been killed by the COVID-19 shots and the draconian lockdown measures!
  • We demand that the rule of democracy is reinstated as quickly as possible!
  • We will name, shame and boycott all mainstream media institutions until our queries have been met, and all within the rule of the democratic law.
  • The truth will sooner or later prevail in the entire world, despite the significant efforts from governments and behind to suppress the free flow of important information.

It is not enough to wait for them to shift their game and promote climate lockdowns. None of such journalists encouraged people to rebuild nature in ultra-industrialized cities, and none of such journalists mentioned how a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” leading to the development of “smart cities” and “underground high-speed transport systems” would actually harm the environment and fully separate humanity from nature. This kind of separation is equivalent to a full separation of mitochondria from their mother eukaryotic cells! In other words, such actions would aim to directly reverse the developmental processes in nature. Do we all see the next-level sort of evil that is behind the current socio-political agendas?

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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