Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

It is not enough that important leading figures have just admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines did not reach a threshold of safety and effectiveness. It is not enough that the contracts between Pfizer and governments were ordered by major courts to be declassified for safety reasons. It is time that the people and honest scientists will have the final democratic say and for all the guilty individuals to pay the price so the integrity of democracy will be restored. We are not calling for the negativity to be dealt with by means of negativity, but we are calling for those who performed grave institutional wrongdoing and got away with it to be prosecuted and to face justice in front of a major court of law that does not have judges who are politically-motivated and who have non-democratic agendas or democracy-violating financial interests.

We are calling for the past two years and a half to be treated as a major negative example in world history so our descendants will see how easy it is to remove transparency, equality of opportunity and justice in the name of fighting a pandemic disease, which took place in the wrong way as well! We are calling for young people in Universities to stand up for what is right and stop blindly trusting major corporations with a unprecedented criminal history and with non-democratic interests. Students have a very important assignment to hold fast to democratic values that are in a strong communion with common sense. Science is not a discipline that is only available to a few, select people, who also happen to follow certain interests of few powerful leaders that sit in shadow offices. Science is a discipline that is available for all and that all are free to follow or unfollow. But Science must be in a constant accordance to the common sense-based principles of democracy that were established by very bright minded people.

The strive for the restoration of individual and collective freedom will not end until justice will be served for the millions of people around the world who died either as a result of the side effects of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, or as a result of draconian lockdown measures, or as a result of delayed medical appointments and treatment schedules that were caused by the implemented unscientific public health measures, or as a result of the suppressed treatment that would have saved numerous lives from COVID-19. The peaceful and democratic strive for the restoration of true freedom will not end until all the roots of the overall problem will have been exposed and removed.

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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