Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

It’s so inspiring to see the whole World suddenly ‘come alive’ this week, with Freedom Convoys and Protests, after the fabulous, positive images from Ottawa reached us. So many ordinary, everyday citizens who genuinely care for one another and for our democratic Human Rights. Repeated and sustained, peaceful, non-compliance is working – so don’t give up. The colourful decorations, laughter, dancing and music that we see in the streets of Ottawa  – even in such freezing conditions – must surely have secret superpowers!


This week, friends tell me how staying away from the mainstream media is like a lead weight has been lifted – the negativity and fear-mongering must be so depressing for those still unaware of the pure joy in seeing what is really happening around us. If there’s one bit of advice worth spreading, it’s turn OFF that TV and Radio, get outside and start a conversation with a stranger.

But ironically, maybe because of the positive vibes we feel from these popular alternative sources of independent media, it is easy to get newly-addicted. Whilst it is crucial to fact-check, elaborate and share these inspiring truths, it is equally, if not MORE important, to get away from technology into nature, to protect our own mental health, in this crazy time.

Us Freedom Fighters have a long journey ahead, towards exposing the true nature of this “..greatest Government-sponsored corporate fraud, in the history of the world. The damage [from which] will take decades to be undone”, as Cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra Tweeted today. I personally have no idea what my own future role in this journey will look like; many of my friends wisely advise just taking every day as it comes. But one thing’s for sure; my well-established foundations in education and social justice will never be eroded.

That’s why we need to be mindful about looking after the health and mental-well being of ourselves, and those around us. It’s heartening to see all sorts of acts of kindness happening. From relatively small actions like crop-swapping or baking for each other, to larger commitments like organising events, sacrificing your spare room to someone made homeless, or buying provisions for a family without any income. Many people are in dire need right now, partly because of the Lockdowns, Mandates and injections, but for other complex reasons too. These past two years have been extremely challenging for many of us. And as our hot Southern Hemisphere Summer fades into cooler, shorter days, peoples’ needs will increase in urgency. Every one of our thoughtful, caring activities makes a difference to individuals’ lives and to our communities’ cohesion.  Let’s try more often to listen to each other, smile and connect. A stronger connection between us all, allows confidence and what we call mana [spiritual power] to grow – it’s infectious!

Taking some time out for ourselves is essential in troubled times. We simply can’t help others, if we are unwell. Common coping strategies include making time for playing or composing music, prayer, meditation, self-hypnosis, walking, swimming, or gardening, to name just a few. Remember, getting outside in nature is good in physiological and psychological ways, eg. Vitamin D enhances our immune systems, fresh air and laughter helps reduce pain and anxiety through the brain’s natural endorphins.

Personally, classical music will always be an intrinsic part of my life, and I definitely need to make more time for this. Music that reflects nature, like Debussy’s La Mer, is invaluable therapy. Reflecting on those first weeks of Lockdowns, most of us had no idea what was ahead. But now, our objectives towards Freedom are clear. We can help each other to stay grounded and use this time productively, to plan and create inspiring parallel societies, where love and togetherness are at the heart of everything we do.  Kia kaha, stay strong! And please do comment below, if you have ideas and suggestions to share on this topic for our readers.

By Academy World

Writer, researcher, teacher and learner. Proud to be a part of our global team of Freedom Fighters.

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