Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Let’s talk about the record extent and frequency of loneliness and how it has affected familial, platonic and romantic interactions in a significantly pathological way! The era of technologization has brought many disadvantages under the blanket of progress, which may be more or less illusional. The truth is that so many people have been starving around the world; starving for food, starving for clean water, starving for a roof above their head, starving for human interaction, and starving for human touch. Many thousands of years of human evolution undisputably prove that people need affection like oxygen and the sun, and yet, as an advanced society, we have drifted more and more away from such a foundational importance for our survival. For example, a number of babies in an orphanage died because they did not receive the love they needed at such a critical stage of life, and this shows how fundamental human love is and how much we have been neglecting it during the contemporary history. The fact that lovelessness and homelessness are the most widespread in countries that are supposed to be an example in the world shows that the process of modernisation is actually scientifically heretic. Another important reason why more and more people have been experiencing loneliness and hug deprivation in developed nations is the fact that we have been insisting on over-rationalising human affection and intimacy.

Let’s talk about the toxicity of the idea that men should hide their feelings 24/7/365 and how wanting loving affection as a man is weak or how some people believe the person is too clingy to deserve attention… Sadly, the perception of many of us is distorted, as the broken society is demanding us to be like the hamsters that are to run faster and faster in their cage. The truth is that we cannot be strong if we cannot show our weaknesses first, sort of like we cannot get the correct way without making mistakes. And just as we will make mistakes during the entirety of our lives, so we will sometimes show weakness, at least to someone dear to us, during the entirety of our lives. It is natural for our loving partners to sometimes take control and care for us when we need to be taken care of, and it is distorted social demands that are destroying foundational human needs; this applies for both women and men. Just as we came from water (from our mothers’ wombs), so we came out of love, as we would not have survived without the love we received during the first years of our lives. And this fundamental human need does not go away, just as our need to drink water to survive does not go away. The lack of loving affection, which has particularly affected men, is literally leading to the collapse of the first-world societies! We are running wild away from true Scientific progress, and this we must acknowledge in both our thinking and applied thinking (behaviour) so we can start reversing such harmful effects upon our collective mental health.

I have been reading posts about how numerous men ended up crying and sobbing after they experienced loving cuddle from their partners, after experiencing many years of touch deprivation, and such testimonies have shocked me. I have also researched about novel methods of psychological and emotional therapies that implicate platonic cuddling, and generally speaking, patients experienced significant improvements in their emotional and mental wellbeing. On the other hand, the fact that people ended up paying for others to offer them platonic intimate moments is making me weep inside. We have reached such a low level in human history that more and more people are paying money so they will preserve their emotional life, in a world that is accelerating toward an emotional void. It seems that the normal has become abnormal and that the abnormal has become the normal, and I can seriously understand people who wish to go off-grid and not be part of this distorted reality. Hug deprivation is strongly associated with weakened immune systems and higher susceptibilities to the development of oxidative stress and consequently, of significant diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, hug deprivation is highly associated with the onset of depression and other significant mental health conditions.

Currently, we live in an absolute illusion, and I am pleading with all my fellow people, especially the ones in my generation, to wake up right now, before we witness “together” the collapse of the first-world society as we know it. This plague of lovelessness and homelessness have been happening particularly in a world area where the speed of sound had been broken and from where a rocket landed on the Moon around half a century ago. Oh, how “poetic”! Where is the progress now more exactly? The severe deficiency of unconditional love, affectionate human touch and support for fellow friends, neighbours and even family member at times, is slowly killing numerous people. The obsession about modern-day scientific progress and personal financial gain in the developed world is starting to become cult-like, and the first sign of this is the evident lack of love in the proximal and distant environment. A real change is a change that takes place on all planes of society, from lifestyle, social behaviour and productivity, to what we eat and how we expose ourselves to the environment. They say we are what we eat; I say we and our descendants will be what we eat. If a change does not take place in all planes, then it can hardly turn out to be a change.

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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