Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

This piece of writing is addressing the necessity to keep the integrity of the freedom movement and the overall community by promoting information that is scientifically sound and that plays well with common sense. The truth is that many pieces of information seem to be playing well with common sense at first, but actually have harmful lies hidden in their good-looking features. This may represent a powerful weapon used indirectly by the elites to further divide the communities that have been supporting fundamental human rights and human integrity. Likewise, we ought to address such half-truths so our friends and loved ones will not fall into what can represent a dangerous trap.

An increasing number of people supporting fundamental human rights and freedom have been adventuring around plant-derived agents that are known as psychedelic, given their effects upon the brain and upon the sub-conscious level of the mind. Given the unjust punishment of people who experienced diverse low-risk agents for themselves, and without influencing or promoting them to others, people have stood up to protect the rights of bodily autonomy without consequences that are actually undemocratic. Good can never come by force, and so, if a government body wishes to change someone’s mind with regards to the harmful effects of low-risk psychedelic agents, it can offer counselling and educative resources to the person without pressurising them to change their individual ways. Also, people decided to try some plant-derived agents for themselves as a way of rebelling against tough measures that are actually causing people more psychological harm than good, but this may be a trap used by the elite so an increasing number of people will expose themselves to uncertain effects upon their psychology, as we are all so diverse in our mental anatomy and physiology.

The truth is that people do not need to consume certain agents or even foods to observe what is actually happening around them and in leadership. People already have light fused within their being (“hu” means light in Chinese and “man” means a physical person). Furthermore, one does not need such substances or certain components of a substance to become a better version of themselves by lowering their ego and pride. There are numerous people who suffered life-altering adverse reactions to these substances, and I believe that introducing them into the pharmaceutical market is a mistake, unless certain dosages and components of such substances will be proven safe following rigorous, and yet transparent, testing procedures. Even what is deemed as a “micro-dose” may cause significant harm in a number of people. Many people believe they reached better psychological and physical states, but this seems to be a matter of temporal multi-dimensionality, meaning that people may realize their psychological and medical states are actually worse than before they tried a specific substance. The fact that the mainstream pharmaceutical industry is incredibly corrupt does not eliminate the fact that not all plants and/or plant components are safe to consume. It is important to acknowledge that not all plants and natural compounds are safe, and we should hold fast to an equilibrium in all things, lest we will lose balance and fall into the traps of negativity.

The message of this piece of writing is to use all the components of our discernment when performing our due diligence, and to ask around every friend and family member before taking decisions that may impact our lives. Genuine scientific research clearly indicates that the consumption of “low-risk substances” can alter human psychology on a long-term basis, and in a negative way. At the same time, governments should offer the best of help to persuade individual users to give up and often undergo rehabilitation, rather than causing many patients to reach worse mental places and physical states. They live in 2022 and they ought to show a relevant expected level of maturity when taking decisions and managing legislation.

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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