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On the 6th of February 2023, two major earthquakes destroyed many areas of South-Eastern and Northern Syria, killing people in their tens of thousands. The second shake was the most powerful and made most of the buildings collapse, including many new buildings that had been designed to withstand earthquakes of minimum 8 degrees on the Richter scale. The Earthquake was felt all the way to Greece and South-Eastern Italy issued an alert of tsunami. This has raised fresh concerns with regards to the safety of many buildings in Balkan countries, and particularly in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria, which have a known history of powerful earthquakes in the past and which have several buildings that are at a high seismic risk. The shake occurred due to a fault in the Anatolian plaque, close to the intersect with the African and the European continental plaques, and it is now highly believed that the whole country of Turkey was moved 3 meters toward Europe. Such a movement could have amplified faults under different areas, such as Europe and Western Asia.

Since the two catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people discussing HAARP as a probable factor that favored or even caused the earthquakes. In my view, this information is not totally true because that would mean governments are as powerful as the Creator Himself, which is not the case; just as the evil one, the prince of the air, is nowhere near as powerful as God, no matter how scary his methods may come across as. No matter how powerful the evil one may come across as, it is always God who has the final say. The truth is that, the more they try to rush the end times, the faster their own demise is. The overlords may think they are God, but maybe God is using their blind, evil plot to restore the original relationship with mankind.

HAARP represents an abbreviation word for High-frequency Active Auroral Research, and it represents a method of natural phenomenon prediction and sometimes favoring also. Such a technology is capable of warming up sections of the ionosphere using diverse radio waves of frequency. There are important controversies of this rather novel technology that need to be discussed, including the capability to create holes in the atmosphere for harmful solar radiation to enter through and affect various parts of the Earth, as well as the capability to locate and destroy any moving object on the surface of the Earth. Fairbanks Daily News and Cooper River County Journal stated in 1995 that there are more hidden capabilities of the research technology that resemble a final weapon with an extraordinary physical magnitude, and it is considered to be the first set of weapons of a Universal and cosmic scale. It has been stated by many over the years that HAARP may have some unusual and secret capabilities that resemble a weapon with an extraordinary physical magnitude. No matter the extent of efforts of the mainstream media and many “progressive” scientists to reassure the public that HAARP is basically a harmless program of weather and solar radiation research, the evidence of its colossal capability of adverse effects on the integrity and well-being of the Earth is overwhelming.

It is important to note that, one day before the earthquake in Turkey, 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey and some countries also issued travel notices around five days before the event, which is certainly peculiar. The earthquake occurred three days after a Turkish official told American politicians “to get their dirty hands off of Turkey”. Are natural disasters being secretly predicted or even favored or induced by novel technologies?

There are reasons to believe that the powerful know more factors to natural disasters than many of us may know, and such factors may include astronomical, geological and possibly even weather and climate-related. And powerful individuals are probably capable of favoring, rushing and amplifying such disasters, like weather hazards, seismic activities and the formation of tsunamis. For example, think of areas of the world where there are more frequent major earthquakes (i.e. once every 40-50 years). Under such areas, there are most likely substantial faults in the tectonic plaques. Movements and clashes among tectonic plaques are caused by triggers that led to a new round of tectonic movement, and triggers could be of many types.Let us remember that Nikola Tesla developed a method that is capable of favoring the occurrence of a large-scale seismic activity. This method could shift specific frequencies and make buildings more vulnerable to collapse during an earthquake as such. Namely, targeting frequencies could even make materials made of metal disintegrate into pieces that could be as small as pieces of sand, and such targeting frequencies could reach major depths of the Earth, potentially affecting the stability of certain deep tectonic plaques. Let us also remember that, throughout contemporary history, the USA, China and Russia used significant weather-manipulating technologies for the purpose of maintaining their large sphere of influence and power.

Likewise, there are reasons to believe that powerful shadow agencies that are working hand-in-hand with those who created and who have been pushing the agenda of depopulation through experimental “vaccination” and more, may be planning a series of retaliation against nations resisting their agenda and nations with low rates of “vaccination”. For example, they could make an earthquake occur much sooner and at a higher magnitude in an area where there had already been substantial faults in the tectonic plaques. Namely, they could use controversial technologies and cause an earthquake to occur in September 2023 at a magnitude of 7.5 degrees on the Richter scale, although the earthquake would actually occur in November 2025 at a magnitude of 6 degrees on the Richter scale, had there only been natural factors contributing to an event as such.

If we have a look at Europe, there are two nations with the lowest “vaccination” rate; Bulgaria and Romania. The two nations are part of the NATO bloc and the European Union. The official rate of COVID-19 “vaccination” in Romania is at around 40%, whilst in Bulgaria, the official proportion is around 25%. In reality, the proportion is 25% in Romania and about 18% in Bulgaria. The globalist overlords surely do not like this and they are getting more and more desperate by the day. It is of no coincidence that a new pandemic with avian flu in humans has not been ruled out by the WHO, and there is evidence starting to emerge that they have been manipulating and rushing processes of natural selection to fulfill their sinister agendas (i.e. the rushed laboratory-mediated selection of SARS-CoV-2 and probably of a novel avian influenza strain – (A)H5N1).

It is important to note that there is a NATO rocket shield located in Southern Romania, in the town of Deveselu, and that virtually no member of the general public is actually aware of what kind of weaponry may be situated in and around this military base. It is important to note that, given the existence of a frequent seismic activity under the land of Romania, including around 2-3 strong earthquakes for each century, there are likely substantial faults in the tectonic plaques under the country, and it is very probable that the powerful know this.

Likewise, there is a probability that the next HAARP-mediated targets by the globalists for a rushing and an amplification of one or more earthquakes might be Romania and Bulgaria. If a catastrophic earthquake occurs in Bucharest, Romania, up to half of the buildings might collapse.

One scientific researcher in the Netherlands, Frank Hoogerbeets, warned on Twitter about an eventual catastrophic earthquake in the exact same location three days before the event actually occurred, and he said that it is both planetary alignment, which substantially increases the electromagnetic influence upon certain parts of the Earth, and faults in tectonic plaques that actually play substantial roles in increasing the risks of a seismic activity. The same researcher warned about a potentially powerful seismic activity in the Balkans between August and November 2023 due to a relatively rare event of planetary and lunar alignment, and recently, he also mentioned that in the August month of the same year, the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, which are the three most voluminous spatial bodies in the Solar System, will also form a triangle of 30-60-90 degrees. Such a combination of spatial events may bring almost unprecedented increases in electromagnetic influences upon certain areas of the Earth, and it seems the Balkanic peninsula may be particularly involved. Countries at a higher risk could be Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and the Republic of Moldova and parts of Ukraine (not necessarily in this order). This would include the cities of Athens, Istanbul, Skopje, Tirana, Sofia, Bucharest, Chisinau and Odessa.

The fact that almost everybody very often comes across to repeated digits or numbers (i.e. 2222 or 1212) may not mean we are in a good state, just as when planets align above a certain area of the Earth, it often happens that there is a significant earthquake within that area. Repeated numbers may be a warning for all of us to repent from our default corruption-endorsing ways and spend our time in communion with our Maker, via nature. For example, on the 24th of February 2022, the war in Ukraine began, 2 days after 22/02/2022 (22/02/22 + 2), and this date with many repetitions of the digit “2” could be the greatest warning from the Divine for all of us (myself included and the most) to turn to Him. My way of doing it is via the Christian faith that was preserved and unchanged for 2,000 years, the form of Christianity that is dominant in South-Eastern Europe.

I would like to raise awareness of a correlational statistical pattern, in which major earthquakes in Eastern and South-Eastern Turkey were rather often followed by major earthquakes in the South-Eastern Carpathian mountains and sub-Carpathian hills in Romania, anytime from 3 months and a half to 12 months. A powerful earthquake in Turkey in 1939 was followed by a powerful earthquake in Romania in 1940; a powerful earthquake in Turkey in November 1976 was followed by a powerful earthquake in Romania in March 1977. Of course, correlation does not imply causation and this post is about stimulating each other to prepare in case of a moderate to powerful earthquake. The research of the Earth’s crust is still in pronouncedly early stages and much is yet to be determined and even projected.

It could be slightly probable that a tectonic seism under specific geographical areas of Turkey could bring a domino effect that would later lead to a tectonic seism underneath the South-Eastern Carpathian mountains in Romania. Indeed, there is no such thing as predicting an earthquake. What we may be able to discuss is a set of potential risk factors that would favor the triggering of a seismic activity. The exact time and location of one such activity is impossible to project, as researcher Frank Hoogerbeets put it. The hope is that all such hypotheses are proven wrong and that there is no earthquake anywhere!

The Book of Revelation in the Christian New Testament mentions that in the days before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, whilst the Earth will shake in a violent and widespread manner, the stars will also start falling from the sky. This phenomenon could either be caused by a clash between the Milky Way and a different galaxy, or the final event of Big Crunch, which will involve the collapse of the Universe into one tiny point. Furthermore, there is a prophecy in the Bible that, during the times that immediately precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, there will be no more water on Earth and in the end, the Earth will be destroyed by fire, and the Antichrist with the Dragon will be cast into the Lake of Fire alive.

Somehow, this corresponds with the scientific projections that the Sun will in the far future start growing and eventually swallow the Earth, it may be that it will not be billions of years ahead. The Sun will probably become the Lake of Fire described in the Bible. And right before the Sun will swallow the Earth, the gravity of the Sun will cast the Antichrist and the Dragon into the Lake of Fire that is on the surface of the Sun at that time.

It is also written that days will pass faster in the end times for the faithful, and this could be due to the Earth becoming closer and closer to the surface of the Sun, as it will face an increasingly stronger gravitational force from the Sun and its rotational speed will increase as a result. Those who will accept the Antichrist will face unprecedented inner agony, which will make them experience time as pronouncedly slower, showing that the Theory of Relativity is applied to the biggest depths of human psychology.

Such Biblical descriptions were made around 1,400 years before the discovery of planets.

Planetary geometry and alignment are considerable factors leading to seismic activity, given that falling stars would have a tremendous impact upon all faults in the tectonic plates of the Earth due to electromagnetic influence and gravity.

Theologically speaking, it is known that natural disasters could be a way of divine punishment for human wrongdoing, but sometimes it could be human wrongdoing (including the wrongdoing of specific world leaders and military agents), which is all inspired by evil spirits, that could amplify divine punishment, as God is not the cause of suffering and He does not wish for people to die, but to live in communion with Him. At the same time, it is most essential and could be most challenging for the human mind to discern Divine anger from an evil plot to amplify disasters and suffering, as this information could easily be used as an excuse and claim we are innocent, when all of us have made smaller and bigger mistakes in our lives and we need forgiveness. God could use artificially-induced amplifications of suffering as an allowance to let humanity know of His anger (i.e. probably for high levels of ignorance that allowed evil to rule the world).


Recently, there has been a series of earthquakes in South-Western Romania, with the most intense having occurred on the 14th of February 2023, after 3pm local time (5.7 degrees on the Richter scale). Frank Hoogerbeets mentioned that a planetary alignment would likely cause seismic activities around Eastern Italy.

The recent seismic activity in Romania occurred in the Western Carpathian mountains, whose plaque are part of the Italian plaque.

The event in Turkey was influenced by planetary alignment. This alignment was probably a common factor of the Turkey and Vrancea seismic activities, thereby making faults in Vrancea more vulnerable to a major impact. The second set of earthquakes, in SW Romania, may have made the area even more vulnerable due to the common plaque they belong to.

Given that an increased gravitational and electromagnetic influence upon areas of Turkey could influence faults located in South-Eastern Romania and that seismic activity has, for the first time, occurred in South-Western Romania, likely due to the increased gravitational and electromagnetic influence by planetary alignment, there could be a small, but considerable probability of a major seismic event in South-Eastern Romania for as soon as in around 1-2 months, instead of 3-12 months from the time of the seismic event in South-Eastern Turkey. The frequency of future significant future planetary and lunar alignments may play a significant role in rushing or delaying one or more major seismic events as such.

Recently, there has also been an earthquake in New Zealand, with a magnitude of 6.3. I would like to remind the audience that certain developed environmental technologies could make three earthquakes that would occur years apart happen only months or even weeks apart.

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