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An increasing amount of evidence has been coming out and corrupt worldwide politicians and health authorities are starting to lose the battle on multiple dimensions. However, there is one aspect that we need to pay attention to; an event that might bring many advantages to the corrupt overlords. Given that the World Economic Forum warned us about possible cyberattacks on a global scale, and such electronic attacks could become so widespread and intense that they could be leading even to general power outages, let alone the inability to make any form of phone calls, a loss of internet and other forms of telecommunication worldwide. Using the internet represents a new essential way of life that has become the most popular worldwide, and if cyber-attacks become too widespread and strong, there could be significant implications upon other forms of networking.

If such cyber-attacks would happen, all essential pieces of evidence that would be collected against the global corruption during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic could end up buried. I mean, well, the human brain remains a safe haven for the truth, and they say that the eyes represent the best cameras. And this is true. On the 9th of July, the World Economic Forum hosted an event called “Cyber Polygon”, in which they simulated worldwide cyber-attacks. This may be similar to “Event 201”, in which a pandemic was simulated, only around five months before the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was declared.

Protecting the evidence means preserving democracy

They might already be aware that an increasing number of people have started to learn the truth, spread it worldwide, and understand that the uni-dimensional approaches proposed and imposed by worldwide governments have more numerous and significant risks than what they are communicating to us on the daily COVID-19 news. The overlords know that parents will become passionate because health authorities are offering the spike protein-based vaccines to numerous children and they are planning to offer such medical acts to young children and babies in the near future. Now, I’m not saying there is a link between health authorities and cyber authorities, but I’m simply doing my part in supporting human evolution and helping good forces prevail the bad ones. One way to print the evidence is to copy and paste any text containing important proof into a Microsoft Word document, then use citation marks and mention the author’s name and affiliations, and then print tens of copies of the newly-created document. If millions of us do this around the world, we can easily protect the truth.

Developing more strategies means caring for your neighbour

In a few European countries, health authorities have made this vaccine mandatory for minors aged at least 14, more and less directly. Leading corporate health agencies intend that the vaccine will be made mandatory even for children aged 5 and more, and I would define this position as morally unacceptable and the greatest scientific blunder in modern history. This is not my opinion, since I am just a graduate, but a well-founded theory of bright minds in science and medicine. A series of events leading to a general loss of the most basic form of worldwide communication would only help corrupt health authorities and scientists get away with their crimes of non-disclosure of evidence, lying on public platforms and obliging people of nearly all health status categories and ages to receive medical acts that are significantly controversial.

On the 20th of October 2021, the World Economic Forum posted another article, not to remind us about the eventuality of the cyber-pandemic, but to let us know it has already started, somehow silently though. I think it is time for us to listen and to understand that changing events like that can happen when we are not quite ready. This post is not intended to scare anyone, and nor is it to feed into any conspiracy theory, but to remind each other how important it is to develop auxiliary plans and find ingenious ways to communicate with your loved ones, friends and neighbours, and help an increasing number of people discover the truth. We need to actively and immediately develop and apply strategies to outcompete the corrupt establishment, or we will lose the battle for the freedom and integrity of the entire mankind.

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