Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

In this post, I will be discussing a case report from an anonymous whistleblower in Romania, an EU country. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a child became ill with COVID-19 and was admitted to hospital for treatment. The health state of the child was not very bad and one day, his family came to the hospital to see how he was and communicate with him through a window. His family reported that his health state was well and that he was in good spirits. Within 24 hours after that, he was dead and doctors said he died from COVID-19. His family was devastated and could not believe it. Hospitals were not allowed to perform autopsies and so the family just took their dead child and buried him in one of the town’s cemeteries.

Some days passed and the father decided to unbury his child to check if something was done to him. Once he unburied the child, he saw surgery-like marks on his abdomen, which means somebody in the hospital might have extracted one or a few of his organs, probably for trafficking purposes. It is more likely that this happened, and not a secret autopsy, given that the child was in a good state of health less than 24 hours before his reported death. If this is true, then this is hugely scandalous and must be exposed as a crime against humanity. The truth is that many people in Romania came forward and said that their infected relatives died too quickly in hospitals and they have been questioning whether their relatives died of COVID-19 or due to medical malpratice. A number of nurses and an ex-nurse from the Sibiu County Hospital blew the whistle about how patients would be brutally tied to their beds and sedated so they would be continuously asleep. They said that the cover-up was easy because the eventual deaths of many of such patients could be blamed on COVID-19 without any doubts from the patients’ relatives and/or partners. More information about the nurse insider report is available at:–ie-ca-o-bomba-cu-ceas–spitalul-jude–ean-sibiu-in-alerta–dupa-acuza–ii-fara-precedent–pacien–i-cu-covid-seda–i—i-lega–i-de-pat_880973.html

If there is no translation into English, please copy and paste the news article into quality online translating softwares to read a translation form of the news article that is as accurate as possible.

Likewise, there are some important reasons to believe that a transparent and public investigation in the infectious diseases’ departments of public hospitals in Romania should take place without delay, and investigations should take place in other European countries to make sure that the democratic health guidelines in hospitals have been strictly respected.

Above all, such scandals need to be included in the accusations and cases to be built for the Nüremberg Trials 2.0 because these would constitute a very important example of breaching the fundamental human rights to life and health.

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