Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Let’s start from the end: the answer is YES. Governments could easily impose vaccinations on home schoolers.

I’m writing this since I can see how some of my friends are falsely believing that home schooling will “save” them from forced vaccinations. It won’t work – unfortunately. The only reason it does work now – is because regulators are usually very slow – they just didn’t pay attention, yet, to this territory. Regulators usually begin with the masses – with the “high neck” – where high numbers can be achieved fast, and then they spare the time to deal with edges of society, with what we call “the long tail”.

Short neck (green) vs. long tail (orange)

Now a bit of short term history. Two years ago, non of us believed that vaccines could be mandated (“forced” is the right word) – even the media was calling this “a conspiracy theory”.  Today it is part of reality.

Two years ago I discussed this with people who said – “it can’t be forced!! no one will break into your house and force it on you!”

“of course”, I answered, “they are not going to break into your house and force it. They will just deprive you from other rights – for example – won’t let you issue a passport, or a driving license – unless you are vaccinated”. Which is exactly what happened.

Regulators don’t like blood and noise, it does not picture good. They don’t like soldiers or armed police marching in the streets – if you think that this is what would happen – you are wrong. We don’t live in the middle ages any more – “force” is not used by means of arms, jail, torture and ideas like that. Today the government can force you to do things, by simply disconnecting you from community services – electricity – for example, a method they haven’t used yet. In modern society, it is enough to prevent you from getting to a coffee shop, that you would feel the pressure.

“Electricity” is tier one tool. “Internet” is tier two – you don’t really have to have internet to survive. But in modern life, if someone will take your internet connection from you (which is easy to do) – you will comply. “coffee shop” is tier three – it is just a leisure product – and still it works pretty well to force the majority of us to comply.

Back to home schooling: all what the government needs to do is to create two degrees of separation from you, the home-schooler, and the regulation that will force you to vaccinate your child. That way, it won’t look like they force it on you – they just create conditions that will push you to vaccinate your kid. The easiest example to look at is:1. to get a permit to home school, you need to attend a yearly session with an inspector.2. to attend a meeting with an inspector, all attendees must be vaccinated.3.if you don’t attend a yearly inspector meeting, your home schooling license expires. Bingo.

So unfortunately, even that so many people are trying to avoid forced vaccinations by home schooling, it won’t work. You are just earning a bit of time. Energy should be diverted to battle the situation in a strategic level, and not just in a personal level.

Good luck though 🙂

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