Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Info for writers

Thank you for willing to volunteer to write for the We Accuse blog. We attach some ideas and guidelines below.

1.Focus: human rights

The main focus of our blog is Human Rights. As the COVID pandemic is attracting a lot of attention, we need to be careful not to be diverted to discuss covid rather than human rights. Specifically, We Accuse is not opposing vaccines or science as we don’t oppose people which choce not to be vaccinated: we basically don’t want to enter the  “yes/no vaccines” rabbit hole: we assert that the vaccination status of a person is not an excuse for depriving them from human rights.

2. Human rights sub subjects

Human rights is a very diverse subject matter, here are some ideas:

  • Personal stories: stories of people which were deprived from their human rights
  • Activists: what is happening in the world in terms of people and organizations that oppose the tyranny, for example: demonstrations.
  • Law: legal claims, information act documents etc
  • Politics: how governments, and oppositions behave and what they say about what is happening
  • Opinion / Interviews


3. Fact check and reliable sources

Unfortunately we live in times of lots of fakes news, originating both from governments and pharmaceutical companies from one hand, and conspiracy theories from the other hand. Please check you fact carefully, and try to use reliable sources as possible. Note – main stream media channels are not always reliable. Academic resources – like The Lancet – may be a better reference. Avoid conspiracy theories by all cost!

4. Limit the number of external links

External links in an article may damage our SEO and they reduce the reputation of an author. Try to limit those to no more than two per article.

5. Be careful of defamation

When relating to private people, be careful with what you write. If possible, try to get “two sides opinion”.

6. How to protect your privacy

Privacy in times of government tyranny is crucial. Here are some ideas:

– your author name was generated automatically – no one knows it. Don’t share it with others.

– choose a long, safe password for your account.

– when using the site and the blog, hide your IP address, Refer to this article for more details.

– always use Signal for internal communication, with disappearing messages set to no more than 1 day. Avoid Whatsapp, Messenger or Google.

– when traveling, leave your cell phone and laptop at home, take with you a blank phone and a blank laptop. Transfer your contacts to the cloud if you need them and download them back when you arrive to your target country. (reason: the Search and Surveillance Act is allowing the government to copy your phone and laptop content when you go through airport custom)