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The establishment in Turkey made absolutely grave mistakes by sending weapons and very powerful armed drones (Bayraktar TB2) to Ukraine as a way of offering support in its fightback against the recent occupation by the Russian army. Such armed drones were used in important wars in the Middle East and made tremendous differences with regards to the outcome of the wars. Recently, Russia made a second statement about how all countries that sent weapons to Ukraine can be counted as implicated countries in the war. Although Turkey shipped the Bayraktar TB2 drones to Ukraine by means of sale, and not free military aid, it is very possible that Russia will see such actions as betrayal because these drones have caused hundreds, if not over a thousand deaths among the soldiers in the occupying Russian military force so far. Just to give you a clue, there is a journalistic report about how a Bayraktar TB2 drone destroyed an entire military convoy from Russia in the first week of the conflict. The reason why the situation is even more dangerous here is that the most recent president of Turkey and his political party often opposed the political regulations by NATO and co-operated with Vladimir Putin instead, although the country has been a NATO member since 1952. Furthermore, a number of these shipped armed drones may have reached the neo-nazi group in Ukraine called the “Azov Battalion” due to the problem of infiltrated extremists in the Ukrainian army. And again, this is not to say that the Russian army is not in the wrong or to underestimate their guilt. Likewise, we have reasons to believe that the Russian establishment will see the actions of the Turkish establishment as a grave betrayal, and we suspect that they are enraged at the moment. I would like to remind you that Russia is the grand bear in the geopolitical spectrum, as well as a nuclear superpower, and they are fully determined to fight back against any wrongdoing and especially betrayals. Not only the president of Turkey put potentially millions of lives in Turkey at risk through his political ego that led to the loss of sight of reality, but he potentially put world peace at risk, since Turkey is an old NATO member.

The following link leads to a BBC report of a significant neo-nazi problem that was present in Ukraine in 2018, four years before the Russia-Ukraine war: The following link leads to a report made by The Guardian in 2017 about the far-right “Azov Battalion” militia group:

We have reasons to believe that Russia will retaliate against Turkey within months or even weeks, and cause massive damages and casualties in the process. Please send our warning to Turkish civilians and residents to analyse all the trusted news sources and take proportionate decisions to protect their lives. To be completely honest, if I were in Turkey, I would start planning to leave big cities and even the country for security reasons. It is sad to see that zealous politics often blinds leaders to the point of strongly endorsing the extension of risky conflicts, instead of taking the executive decision and encouraging other countries to remain neutral and promote world peace.

Four articles where more information is available:

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