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This is not a recommendation or medical advice. The fruits in the featured photo do not represent ingredients of the natural compound, and the purpose of the article is educational and informative. Please, only take advice from trustworthy medical doctors before taking any medical decision.


Does Mother Nature already have the ingredients of a perfect immunising agent against complex and powerful disorders stored in Her hidden treasures? It really seems that plant-based medicine is underestimated and that it never fails to surprise humanity. The only obstacle between medical corruption and medical progress resulting from intense research in plant-based medicine represents the ever-growing power of the medical and political worldwide establishment. Maybe Mother Nature will one day rise above them and heal the caused physical and psychological wounds of humanity.

Health businesses based on developing natural supplements have recently created a natural supplement that significantly stimulates the synthesis and signalling of interferons. I shall not mention the names of the health businesses and of the compound for privacy reasons. The supplement is known to treat a great variety of disorders, from respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, swine and avian flu, to parasitic diseases, hepatitis B, C and D, as well as leukaemia, malignant tumours and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It consists of plant ingredients that altogether modulate interferon-based immunity and it balances key inflammatory responses and makes anti-pathogenic responses more precise. The supplement brings strong antioxidant effects by neutralising free radicals, and it contains a mixture of plants that have immunostimulatory, regenerative and hepato-protective effects. However, plant medicine is mainly based on slow and durative effects, and persistent dosages are most commonly required to bring definitive effects, and so tools and principles of translational medicine are needed to create a medical drug that would bring robust and substantial beneficial effects, likely without the need for long-term therapeutic sessions. 

The following is an extract from a scientific paper written by Alessandro Sette and Shane Crotty in 2020 and published on PubMed:

Any virus that can cause disease in humans must have at least one immune evasion mechanism—at least one immune evasion “trick.” Without the ability to evade the immune system, a virus is usually harmless. Understanding immune evasion by a virus is frequently important for understanding the pathogenesis of the virus, as well as understanding challenges faced by the adaptive immune system and any candidate vaccine. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the virus is clearly unusually effective at evading the triggering of early innate immune responses, such as type 1 interferons (IFNs) (see below). It is plausible that much of the nature of COVID-19 as an illness is a consequence of this one big trick of SARS-CoV-2.

We know interferon-based prophylaxis and therapy have been proven very successful and many clinical trials had promising results for several important diseases, including COVID-19, avian flu, malignant tumours, leukaemia and AIDS. In a previous post, I have proposed that a low-dose nasal spray based on a combination of interferon-alpha, beta and lambda could make a powerful vaccine against the present and potential future pandemics because these interferons simulate cellular infection, stimulate an intelligent, precise and balanced set of immune responses, bring a lasting antipathogenic memory and support the human natural immune system in its evolutionary fight against viruses that suppress these hidden, powerful defences of the human organism. Likewise, it is possible that we do not actually need to intramuscularly inject pathogenic fragments or live-attenuated whole pathogens in order to bring immunisation and help mankind avoid stronger and trickier diseases. The logistics for this kind of approach would not be difficult, and the financial expenditure would be at least 50-fold less demanding than the current spike protein-based vaccine rollout. But discovering that certain natural ingredients can up-regulate interferon synthesis and prepare the organism to fight strong pathogens with tricky mechanisms of immunological suppression may represent an unprecedented step of progress in vaccinology and therapeutics, and really would wipe the tears of suffering due to disease, medical corruption and draconian lockdowns worldwide.


Silybum marianum – a hydroalcoholic extract with 80% silymarin from fruit (200 mg); Astragalus membranaceus – 10: a hydroalcoholic extract from the roots (150 mg); Schisandra chinensis – a hydroalcoholic extract with 2% schizandra from fruit (150 mg); Agaricus blazei – a hydroalcoholic extract with 20% polysaccharides (100 mg); Ganoderma lucidum – a hydroalcoholic extract with 20% polysaccharides (100 mg); Morinda citrifolia – a hydroalcoholic extract with 40% polysaccharides from fruit (75 mg); Aloe vera – 20: a hydroalcoholic extract from the aerial parts (50 mg); Foeniculum vulgare (fennel essential oil) (0.11 mg); filler: microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agents: colloidal silicon dioxide and vegetable magnesium stearate.

I am aware some ingredients are preservatives that probably have controversial traits, and I am not saying this particular product is surely perfect. Perhaps, such preservatives could be replaced with natural compounds that are not controversial if that is the situation.

How to create the vaccine candidate using at least some of the given ingredients?

The research community would likely need to apply principles of translational medicine in order to create a compound with quicker effects, based on the plant medicine model. Namely, the next steps would involve an investigation of each plant in the ingredient list, a search for the proteins that modulate interferon-based immunity and for the quantities of each found protein that would altogether result in a robust and balanced interferon production and signalling, and the creation of candidate compounds that would bring such quicker effects of natural immunisation. I believe that widely testing such a compound in vaccinology and early therapeutics might even lead to the discovery of the greatest solution against many diseases for numerous decades. 

So, it is likely that the scientific community has now a great opportunity to create the Vaccine of the 21st Century. On behalf of over 7.9 billion people, I am calling for scientists to seize this opportunity and possibly protect the world from problematic diseases for the next century.

Citation of the scientific paper containing a definition of the ability of viruses to evade the innate immune system:

  • Sette, A., & Crotty, S. (2021). Adaptive immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Cell184(4), 861–880.


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