Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Based on recent information, a new pandemic might be on the horizon; it would be caused by a lab-leaked virus and it would be linked to the 2022 Olympic Games in China. The virus apparently causes fever and haemorrhage, so the viral disease would be blood-borne in its nature. The recent information has been shared by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who had been the first whistleblower that warned SARS-CoV-2 was lab-leaked from the Institution of Virology in Wuhan. She had to flee from China to protect her own life.

This is the time for all of us to reflect upon real and ethical medicine, which may be having the solution at hand against such a disease. We need to take a look on interferon-based immunisation because the truth is that many viruses cause bad disease because they hijack the immune system by impairing interferon-based responses. It all comes either to a nasal spray based on interferons alpha, beta and lambda (totalling 500 units and measured in nanograms), or to the application of translational medicine to collect the proteins with stimulatory effects upon interferon production from nine plants [Silybum marianum – a hydroalcoholic extract with 80% silymarin from fruit (200 mg); Astragalus membranaceus – 10: a hydroalcoholic extract from the roots (150 mg); Schisandra chinensis – a hydroalcoholic extract with 2% schizandra from fruit (150 mg); Agaricus blazei – a hydroalcoholic extract with 20% polysaccharides (100 mg); Ganoderma lucidum – a hydroalcoholic extract with 20% polysaccharides (100 mg); Morinda citrifolia – a hydroalcoholic extract with 40% polysaccharides from fruit (75 mg); Aloe vera – 20: a hydroalcoholic extract from the aerial parts (50 mg); Foeniculum vulgare (fennel essential oil) (0.11 mg)], find the quantity of each protein that would bring a robust and balanced interferon response, then find the right kind of combination and create a medical drug that would count as an interferon-based vaccine. The reason why I did insist with suggesting this kind of a medical approach is because of the great properties it has against significant viral diseases and likewise, because of the great kick it would bring on the highly corrupt pharmaceutical corporations and their fate.

With regards to the effects upon COVID, I would like to remind you that 2,944 doctors and nurses in a treatment group in China did not experience the disease at all after the administration of a low-dose Interferon I-based nasal spray, and results from Hong Kong, Iran, Cuba and Texas confirmed the promising effects of the agent when it is used in the right quantity and at the right time. I have said all of this because we need to mobilise to bring about real solutions and prevent corrupt leaders and criminals in undemocratic regimes from doing more harm with unnecessary lockdowns, wrong treatment methods and caused financial collapse.

Let’s learn from our past mistakes and indifference. None of us is perfect and we should learn from our past. Ethical approaches can not only prevent lockdowns altogether, but save many lives. Please get involved by raising awareness with any scientist in your reach about this topic, and if you have good academic writing skills and a passion for the truth to prevail, then please contact us so you can become an editor of our blog.

Thank you, and let’s stay united!

By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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