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Academia represents one of the foundational system of institutions that plays a role in preserving the free thinking of a society and likewise, it represents one of the main factors that protects the integrity of a collective. The majority of the members and disciples in academia are young people, and it is such young people who can make a massive difference for our future as a mankind. Students also represented the principal activists that preserved democracy and the rule of law throughout history. During the rule of communism in Eastern Europe, the majority of the people who spoke out against the brutality of the regime were students, and many of them were persecuted and tortured during the first phases of the brutal enforcement of the regime; between 1947 and 1965. During the rule of fascism and nazism in the majority of the European countries, it was mostly students who stood up and firmly condemned the unprecedented discriminatory oppression and crimes against humanity that were done to the Jewish people, the people from other ethnic minorities and those who opposed the regime, and the structure of the White Rose movement represents a good example of this. Likewise, the Academia-based communities represent a critical section of our society and we need such communities to play an active role against the dictatorial schemes that are being implemented in the world in very perfidious ways, via a combination of globalism, fascism and communism. Also, let us not forget that tyrannical regimes, like fascism and nazism, used medicine as a principal method of oppression and torture.

We are aware that there are existent accusations about how powerful financial heads of the society (like J. Paul Getty – the most important member of the Getty family and possibly the richest man in the world – and J. P. Morgan) fueled both sides of extremist ideologies before, during and after the Second World War, and we acknowledge the considerable probability that they have actually ruled the world, potentially for centuries, and that it was in their will that people would hate one another, be divided into toxic ideologies and commit crimes against humanity in the name of freedom and societal improvement. And again, if you do not believe the Getty family is a powerful family in the world, look up “Getty Images” in the mainstream media, look up how financially powerful J. Paul Getty was and how Aileen Getty funded the “Just Stop Oil” activist group in Britain, which is well known for disrupting protests against oil-based firms and not only. We have reasons to believe that the intention of the powerful is for history to repeat itself, and that they would call this history repeat a cycle that would just increase their influence and power. What is happening in important world nations at the moment is that the powerful are giving power to two opposite sides of politics, separating them further by methods, possibly like promoting election fraud in both sides in order to further heat up the opposing sides, so they will be successful in their “Divide et impera” overall approach.

We Accuse represents a group of worldwide lawyers who wish to sue the corrupt public health authorities, doctors, nurses, politicians, mainstream journalism and powerful businesses that habitually breached fundamental human rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group of lawyers started a blog in order to allow the public to have a say about the matter and to obtain information that could be used as further evidence against the institutional wrongdoing that potentially reached historic levels around the world. University students and graduates could play a major role in the provision with further evidence against the corrupt system of powers worldwide, and likewise, it is this area of the society that could help We Accuse the most. Collectively, we need to acknowledge the tremendous power of the system and its high number of psychological, physical and potentially meta-physical dimensions used to prevail against the good will of the people worldwide, and very importantly, we need to be many and united so we can be protected in our strive for the liberation of mankind. Science-wise, we need to publish all the peer-reviewed clinical and academical evidence that strongly indicates the need for the public health and medical community to shift gears in the approaches to help people be protected against harmful infectious diseases, without bringing risks of developing significant adverse reactions, as well as misinformation and half-truths.

As a student who is very passionate about health, financial and political freedom, I am humbly requesting for my fellow colleagues in the world to start contributing to the We Accuse blog, so we will prevent a repeat of the history together. The world is very broken at the moment, people are crying out for help and we are the ones who have the most power to make a true difference, so the Earth will truly become a better place. We do not believe in unhealthy categories, but instead, we firmly believe in common sense and freedom to express ourselves in a way that will stimulate our loved ones and neighbours to make a difference in their areas and communities. To offer a random example, I requested last year to my fellow friends to make a true difference to make the environment a more nature-friendly place by starting to plant trees in the parks of big cities, and without expecting anything in return. Gardens could also be established so more clean and non-GMO food would be produced, and if governments will crack down against us, we will become greater in numbers. Ultra-industrialisation represents one of the principal ways in which Nature has been harmed, and it was ultimately promoted by the overlords, and not the common people. We can start rebuilding Nature in the most congregated cities of the world, make Nature the centre of our physical lives and restore a socio-economic balance between all societal layers in order to tackle poverty and lack of education. We need to reverse the effects of technologisation, which have deeply affected our lives, from the biological areas all the way to the deepest of our psychological areas. If the Theory of Evolution is a fact, then it is ultimately technologisation that will cause mankind to de-evolve and become worse than the common ancestor between humans and apes, although pathological indifference and unhealthy desires of financial gain will play important roles as well.

Personally, I am a graduate in a Science-related Bachelor’s degree and I have been speaking the truth since the summer of 2020. Last year, I wrote a scientific letter to my local Member of Parliament, and he forwarded my letter to the governmental Department of Health. A month after, the Minister of Vaccinations sent a response letter to me, via my local Member of Parliament, appreciating my concerns but still insisting that pushing the mass vaccination campaigns will significantly contribute to the greater good, and likewise, ignoring my specific concerns that were based on important pieces of scientific evidence. I insisted with a follow-up letter, my local MP sent it to the government’s Department of Health, but then I received no response. In contrast, during a brief live interview with a journalist of an important Spanish broadcasting station, I spoke out against the medical corruption that was abundantly present during the COVID-19 pandemic and how a mass vaccination would increase the incidence rates of cancer, and I later found out that the journalist was fired for breaking governmental guidelines. Probably, thousands of people listened to that interview. I shall not name that broadcasting station to protect the personal details of the interviewer.

Likewise, I am calling my fellow students (and other people as well), not to merely resist the oppression from all levels of government, but to start an effective Revolution, from the inner to the outer, and to save mankind together. No, we do not need to always protest, and yes, there is such thing as a Revolution without a revolution (a change without giant protests), just as, in a dark room, we can let light enter simply by dragging the opaque curtain and let the light of the sun enter through the window. Telling the truth in such ages of pathological ignorance and passive-aggressive ideological oppression is probably the most Revolutionary action in the modern and even the medieval eras, and it is equivalent to dragging that opaque curtain that prevents the light from entering the room. If any of you wish to become editors of the blog and contribute with any evidence you may have personally collected, please leave a comment to this post and we will be in touch with you soon after.

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By Anonymous Graduate

A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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