Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

The following represents my personal open letter to the active part of society, calling for a sincere support for world peace and for quelling the fire of conflict and hate with the water of unconditional love, longsuffering and willingness to negotiate for the best outcome in all situations.

Dear all,

We are witnessing political, military and social events that are escalating to extents we have not seen for several decades, if not even centuries. The powerful seem to be wishing for an escalation of the current military conflict in Ukraine, not to push Russia to the corner and protect world peace, but to provoke Russia and further profit from the conflict. The powerful know about the true power of Russia and that they will not back down, even if there is a major mobilization of troops to prevent a further entry of Russian military into the country. The game that Russia is playing right now is patience and many people believe they are losing the war. We have to apprehend the fact that Russia was among the two most powerful nations in the world around 50 years ago, meaning that there might be plenty of hidden military power conserved into the depths of the Asian side of Russia, as well as in the capital city of the country. It is possible that Russia is only using around 5% of their power at the moment to conserve energy for the moments when the war would further escalate. On a positive note, Western countries could still organize negotiations with Russia and establish a pact for the war to at least slow down, and that could be a much better solution for the entire world, than to risk a further escalation of the conflict and a possible implication of secondary countries, which would only make a start of a domino effect exponentially possible. This is not about choosing a side of the war, but about choosing the side of humanity and by petitioning world superpowers to listen to the will of the majority of their people, which implicates transparency and individual dialogue.

Sadly, some powerful nations have made the mistake of offering military support to Ukraine, which the Russian major politicians have associated with an actual implications in the war. For example, Turkey started selling Bayraktar drones to Ukraine, and such drones killed thousands of Russian troops since the start of the attacks in Ukraine by the Russian troops. Given the lower extent of capitalism in the Russian Federation and the past diplomatic friendship between Russia and Turkey, it is possible that Vladimir Putin will see this business as a serious betrayal of the diplomatic relations and, I would not rule out a future escalation of the war to the point of Turkey experiencing significant attacks from Russian troops. As many are aware, Turkey represents a NATO country, and such a move would determine NATO members to draft their young male population into a war in Turkey for defense purposes. I am calling for people to see the true nuclear power of Russia and the danger of such an escalation of the military conflict, which could literally result in hundreds of thousands of deaths, from both sides of the conflict. I am calling for people to carefully take important personal and collective decisions, using all sides of the argument, as certain decisions could cost their own lives, and it would almost certainly not be the politicians mourning deaths, but loved ones instead. The powerful would not experience major losses, but thousands of families would be torn apart. History has already proven how military conflicts enriched politicians and made many members of the society more miserable. Remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain; “Do not let a good crisis go to waste”. Powerful people could be perceiving harmful crises as good if the result is their own benefit. As a wise man once put it, politics is like a prostitute, it would cheat on everybody, and if everybody falls for it, then everybody could pay a massive price. I also humbly invite you to observe that, recently, Israel launched a rocket against a military unit in Iran, how Moscow recently sent verbal threats to Israel and how Taiwan is on the verge of experiencing a military invasion by China. Please observe with me how several powerful nations could be using an escalation and extension of the current war from Ukraine as an opportunity to start their own conflict against the nations they planned to attack or annihilate for a potentially long time. It is now critical to stand up for world peace, for an improvement of our collective moral vision and for true, Nature-based societal recovery worldwide. Is there any substantial injustice? Let the military courts worldwide rule for the adequate punishments for any corrupt method to take away from more disadvantaged nations via military operation.

Please consider improving your self-leadership talents to start contributing for an actual reparation of the human society and ultimately, of the world, and attempt to mitigate conflicts from a neutral point of perspective. I am not instigating anyone to any action. I am only encouraging people to take decisions that could benefit and ultimately protect the world as a whole. There has not been a time in history when we became so divided between one another, and this division is leading us to conflicts and hate. Let us unite and contribute for world peace; for real world peace. Sometimes, we just have to love our enemies and turn the other cheek because, otherwise, we might receive five other strikes on our faces instead of just the one that we had previously received. I suspect that, if the military action is extended to Turkey, many politicians who used to advocate for world peace would be among the first calling for people to defend Turkey. Maybe, it is better for one to say no and face a few years of imprisonment than for one to say yes, lose their lives in a battlefield in front of a nuclear superpower, having their family torn apart and potentially contribute to a further approach to a cataclysmic World War III scenario. Many people who volunteered to fight for Ukraine as nationally-independent soldiers from March 2022 sadly died or became war prisoners, which I believe is just not worth it in a world with ideals such as acquiring collective peace and harmony. I also suspect that many will start to peacefully protest for peace in NATO countries, that thousands will then be arrested and that the mainstream media and political leaders will condemn the protests, including many of the figures who participated in the big anti-war protests and marches during the military operations in Iraq, showing hypocrisy as they also had supported the peaceful anti-war protests throughout Russia. Overall, we ought to be intelligent, yes. But most importantly, we ought to place wisdom above our intelligence to make a progress long-term. Maybe it is better for me to carefully use my knowledge and call for people to take care when deciding whether to accept a draft call, be arrested for “suspected instigations to diminish efforts in military defense” and be imprisoned for a few or more years, than to potentially misuse my knowledge by encouraging people to go to war and probably lead many to experiencing death in the battlefield, bringing deaths upon my conscience, whose burden of moral punishment exceeds many years in prison, according to Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” well-known book.


A Masters’ student and researcher in Science

Part of my letter was inspired from words of wisdom said by Saint Paisios the Athonite, who warned that Turkey will eventually be attacked by Russia and everybody joining a war to defend Turkey will become part of the war casualties.

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