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A peer-reviewed study has shown that worldwide, there were 18 million excess deaths from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic until the end of 2021. The following question arises: are these deaths all due to COVID-19, or are there many deaths also from the underlying health conditions that could have been treated, from depression and suicide of young people because of the prolonged and draconian lockdowns, because of the sinister treatment that numerous hospital patients and care home residents received, and because of the vaccine-induced adverse reactions short-term and long-term? Is this peer-reviewed paper just another piece of propaganda somehow created and distributed by the same incredibly corrupt leading pharmaceutical industry to cover-up their unprecedented crimes against humanity in a century and to push people into the previously perpetuated state of fear that “COVID-19 was going to kill everybody”? Of course, this is another rhetoric question, since we know that we cannot trust the same individuals who caused so much harm in the world. We have very well-founded reasons to believe that the vast majority of these excess deaths had not been caused by COVID-19, and that would mean the world has witnessed the worse crimes against humanity since the 1950s, when the communist regime of Moscow, in the USSR, caused tens of millions of Russians to die because of mass starvation, political persecutions and countless cases of imprisonment and captivity into labour camps. It all started from clearly wrong impositions from the highly corrupt WHO, which resulted in many healthcare workers to follow orders that led to the wrong treatment of hospital patients.

One “Freedom of Information Act 2018” kind of question we should ask is, “How many excess deaths have there been by the end of 2020, when the COVID-19 vaccine was barely rolled out, and only in a few countries?”. If the number of excess deaths has been much lower than the one collected at the end of the next year, then the number of excess deaths has been rising exponentially, meaning that we have indisputable evidence that the overall public health approach to try to contain the virus and mitigate its effect has actually been causing much more harm than the virus itself, if we combine all the negative effects of this approach. And, imagine if, even the Guardian said at the end of 2020 that the depression crisis was already as massive as the crisis from the Second World War, then we can imagine that already, there had been significant excess deaths as a result of depression and a total isolation from others.

Mark my words, these zealous and dictatorial world leaders are not going to give up trying to lock nations down again and only allow those who receive further COVID-19 vaccine doses to return to some kind of normality. This metaphorical battle between good and evil is far from the end, and world leaders are trying to go further, by discussing the implementation of legislations that would allow authorities to start seizing private property. On one side, the current war is a distraction used by the elites to regain informational and political power over our bodily and psychological autonomy. As I have mentioned in a previous occasion, defeat is not in their thinking, let alone vocabulary. Likewise, we must continue to stand up for our rights, and we must continue the metaphorical battle against the psychological and health dictators because their draconian public health measures caused many people who would have carried on living healthily to die. Speaking of psychology, I would like to remind you that the majority of the SAGE’s leading members in the UK are specialised in human and social psychology, which clearly indicates the actual purpose of the leading public health officers there.

The peer-reviewed scientific paper is available at: If you scroll down to the “Funding” section, you will see that the Bill&Melinda Gates foundation funded the research of this paper, which shows there is propaganda pushed under the blanket of “COVID-19 killed people, so we should all wear masks, be put into lockdown regularly and be obliged to receive controversial vaccines for the next countless years”.

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A graduate from a Science-related University Bachelor's, discussing public health corruption and half-truths promoted abundantly in mainstream Academia.

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